Scott Hardie | February 20, 2004
For our Chicago-area users: I want to plug Derek Sutcliffe's new band, Royale With Cheese, who will be playing on the 27th in Naperville. Details are on their site, which is getting cooler every night. (Derek is my brother in never-being-finished-with-our-web-sites-no-matter-how-final-they-seem.)

Scott Hardie | February 20, 2004
Okay, now Derek has rejoined the site, so he can plug it himself. ;-)

Derek Sutcliffe | February 20, 2004
alright everyone in the Naperville Area we have a show at the coffee beanery the 27th the show is from 7:30 - 9:30 and we are playing the the straight mutes, so if you like ska or punk or if you just love good old local yocal music come check it out... goto and the address is on there

Jackie Mason | February 20, 2004
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | February 20, 2004
I couldn't see anything on your website, even spelling it both ways. One didn't exist, and the other didn't have anything on it. Am I missing something here?

Scott Hardie | February 20, 2004
Follow my link at the top. I don't know why Derek mistyped it.

Anna Gregoline | February 20, 2004
Ah ha. Thanks, missed that 8m thingy.

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