Erik Bates | April 17, 2023
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Samir Mehta | April 18, 2023
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Steve West | April 18, 2023
I'm still a big fan of Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess) who I met at her book signing a few years ago. She autographed her first book, 'Let's Pretend This Never Happened' and we chatted for a minute. I shared an anecdote about Olivia that she sincerely said made her day. I laugh out loud at her stuff.

Scott Hardie | April 26, 2023
I don't read many blogs any more (ARE there many blogs any more?), but some blogs and blog-like sites that I still enjoy on a daily basis include:

Ask a Manager by Alison Green, a professional advice column, originally written by a manager for managers but now offering general workplace advice. It has excellent tips for landing a job, coping with a difficult boss, navigating tricky situations, and more. The best side effect of reading it long-term is that it will keep on grounding your sense of what's normal in a workplace, since working in even a slightly bad office can screw with your head in ways that you don't realize. Plus, there are some truly batshit weirdos out there who make for interesting letters. (See the "wait, what?!" topic for more.)

Paul Harris, a retired radio host in St. Louis, who just blogs about things in his life that he finds amusing or otherwise has an opinion about, which feels like an old-fashioned throwback these days. I don't always agree with him or share his interests, but I do very much appreciate his sense of humor and the way that he balances negativity with positivity, since I know that it's all too easy to give into the urge to criticize. Also, maybe once a month, I get interested in a movie or other entertainment from Paul's recommendation that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise.

reality blurred by Andy Dehnart, a news and opinion site devoted to reality television. I've discovered lots of outstanding shows from the recommendations, such as the classic first two seasons of The Mole that I never would have gone back on my own to see but wound up loving. I even contributed an opinion piece myself. I often disagree with Andy's opinions (he's much too hard on present-day Survivor), but he's funny and engaging and articulate, so I always want to read more.

Reductress, a humorous fake-news site by women for women, with a tone not unlike the print era of The Onion crossed with the quizzes and listicles of BuzzFeed. The content is often hilarious and honest, and occasionally vulgar so it's NSFW. I'm obviously not the intended audience, but I have laughed at it countless times, such as its possibly most famous piece and its recurring "I Lived It" chronicle of first-world problems, and I fully recommend it. Don't miss the "print edition" sidebar feature on the homepage, which has headline-only quick jokes.

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