Scott Hardie | March 14, 2020
I should have mentioned in advance that the spring season was going to contain the 5000th goo. Happy milestone moment, players.

Scott Hardie | March 29, 2020
Russ, congrats on another solo solution on a very difficult goo!

Samir Mehta | March 29, 2020
[hidden by request]

LaVonne Lemler | March 29, 2020
Russ, nice going! Perseverance plus!
Samir, awesome clue! Totally lost on this goo! :-)

Scott Hardie | April 20, 2020
Another one! Way to go, Russ!

Samir, I spent a long time on that goo. I guess I feel vindicated to see that everyone else found it as hard as I did?

Samir Mehta | April 20, 2020
[hidden by request]

Russ Wilhelm | April 21, 2020
Maybe it just gives me something to focus on. Staying home, teleworking,,,,I don't know. It leaves me feeling distracted. Solving goos? It's relaxing.

That, and I got lucky again.

Chris Lemler | April 21, 2020
Lucky is not the word for it. You are a really great player just like everyone. You deserve it. I just can't get the right combo to solve Samir's fantastic goo's

LaVonne Lemler | April 21, 2020
Wow, Russ --- the "King of Solos"! Another one, and so soon! Keep on relaxing!

Scott Hardie | May 1, 2020
Another one by (the) Russ! And another one gone, and another one gone...

Way to go, Russ. This has been a very good season for solo solutions for you. :-)

And obviously I was way off about the difficulty. Is it me or do errors in difficulty self-compound? If a fairly hard goo like this is mistakenly labeled medium, players might assume it's the first reasonable answer they find and guess wrong, instead of digging deeper like they might if it was labeled correctly, and thus the gap between difficulties can come to seem even worse.

Most of you guessed wrong the same way, if it's any consolation.

Samir Mehta | May 1, 2020
[hidden by request]

LaVonne Lemler | May 1, 2020
Way to go, Russ! One more chance this week --- my money's on you!

Scott Hardie | May 30, 2020
Congratulations on winning the season, Chris! That was a close ending. You are now the 3rd most frequent winner ever. How does it feel to win again? :-)

I had fun with the goos this season, both mine and all of yours. I look forward to more fun in the summer season starting tomorrow.

Chris Lemler | May 30, 2020
It does feel good to win again. But I got really lucky. I was completely shocked to see I won at the end.

Erik Bates | May 30, 2020
[hidden by request]

LaVonne Lemler | May 30, 2020
Congrats, Chris, on your 9th win! Close one, for sure! Good luck to you and everyone for summer season! :-)

Chris Lemler | May 31, 2020
Thx Erik and LaVonne it was very close

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