Scott Hardie | January 26, 2020
Is anybody else watching this new series? What do you think of it?

I have plenty of thoughts and reactions after the first episode, but foremost among them is how nice it feels to have a show built off of my Star Trek for a change. I was never a big fan of the original series, so to have the original spinoffs and Discovery and the JJ Abrams movies mine that original series for nostalgia over and over again got a little tiresome. At last, here's a series that revisits the 90s era for nostalgia, the era that I loved most, and it feels great. If we somehow get a Deep Space Nine continuation, I'll be in heaven.

Erik Bates | January 26, 2020
I watched episode 1 yesterday. It is so good.

For starters, Patrick Stewart is just a treasure. It's good to see Brent Spiner, and I hope that we get to see more of him.

What I'm reading online, there seems to be a lot of connection to Nemesis. I need to go back and watch that again, to see if I can make a connection to it.

Scott Hardie | January 26, 2020
Yeah, it's kind of unfortunate that the new show is stuck dealing with the little-loved and mostly-forgotten Nemesis, since that movie left the characters in such specific places. It reminds me of when The X Files was revived on television and had to spend time picking up on story threads from the final two years of the original series, after viewership was well in decline. I'm sure a lot of people who only remembered the peak years of the original were scratching their heads.

Picard moralizes; it's pretty much his defining trait. And it's boring when he adopts a popular opinion, so it's better when he takes the moral high road against the popular opinion or conventional wisdom, as in Insurrection and "The Drumhead" and "The Measure of a Man." This new series doesn't dwell on it, but I couldn't help but notice the modern-day political implications of Picard's position in that TV interview: He treats Romulan refugees as people deserving of humanitarian aid and shelter, even though most of the Federation rejects them. Is it me or is Jean-Luc Picard better qualified than most characters on television to make such a moral stand? I don't think the writers could have found a better vessel for that particular argument.

Erik Bates | January 26, 2020
It did very much feel like "I didn't leave Starfleet. Starfleet left me."

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