Scott Hardie | June 23, 2022
It's been eleven years since this happened, and I was so skeptical that it would happen again that I wrote certain code as if it would always stay the same. But this week, the goo game has a new lifetime longest streak: Steve West overtook Russ Wilhelm's streak with his 257th consecutive solve, which is now the longest streak in goo game history. *WOW*, Steve! Congrats!

I don't know what I'm more certain of, that you're going to feel even more pressure not to miss a single goo now, or that Russ is going to be coming for you to reclaim the record! :-D

Scott Hardie | June 23, 2022
This page lists the history of who had the longest streak in the game. It's a little weird in that it lists the point at which player X overtook player Y, from which you have to deduce the size of player Y's streak, but I think it's still neat.

Russ Wilhelm | June 24, 2022
Steve, I bow to you. I know how difficult it can be to keep on top of it for so long. For certain a part of me is sad, but another part of me is happy that it shows anything is possible.

CONGRAT"s on your achievement. Well earned, keep it going.

Steve West | June 24, 2022
Thanks. I have little doubt that someone else (ahem, rhymes with bus still elm) will surpass it eventually. There are some pretty good players here. And I won't regret it when it happens, but marvel at the skill displayed. Good luck to all!

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