Scott Hardie | February 22, 2002
...For the motivational kick. I've been in a slump this week since getting a cold, but I feel the creative juices flowing again. If there were such a thing as creative juices, Dan would be a whole pack of Starburst. That's kind of disgusting, so I'll move on now.

It's been an uneventful week. Lots of sitting around and resting. I completely unlocked everything in Super Smash Brothers. Any week in which I make major accomplishments in a video game is usually a sick, unproductive week otherwise.

Class is going fine. I'm liking all of my teachers more and more with time. We're reading David Sedaris's Me Talk Pretty One Day in nonfiction class - Anna, isn't he your favorite writer? Good stuff. We also finished Thomas Jeffrey Vasseur's Discovering the World, also good stuff. And since we finished The Odyssey, we watching "O Brother Where Art Thou?" in class. I love the line "You boys are dumber than a bag a' hammers!"

I found out some things about Dave Craig that I can't mention here because the source asked me to keep it quiet, but I can say that I'm done with Dave as of this week. No malice is borne, but I don't ever want to see him again either. I'm just done.

Our toilet is broken. I don't know the proper terminology, but when you flush the toilet, the chain tugs on that valve to open it and drain the tank, then gravity pulls it shut and the tank fills up again. Well, our valve has come unglued from the bottom of the toilet, so the damn thing doesn't stop refilling. Even if you put the valve in place manually, which does allow the tank to fill, it continues slowly draining, which causes continuous slow refill. Our water bill this month is going to be huge. We can call the landlord over to fix it, but we have a lot of outstanding bills with him that we can't pay until March 1st when I get the inheritance check, so I don't want to anger them by asking them to fix something else. (Actually, I don't want to talk to them at all.) Today the toilet got clogged with toilet paper and overflowed, and I didn't realize it because I'd already left the room. I came back to find the entire room flooded with a quarter-inch of water. We have very thin, water-warped floors already, so I went into the basement to check, and sure enough, the corner of the basement was raining, just like it was a rainy day. Weird. I unclogged the toilet but the broken valve remains.

Since Kelly is busy this weekend, we had our weekly gaming session on Wednesday instead, so my mental clock is all messed up and I think it's Monday instead of Friday. I don't have too much going on. It's Lenore's birthday tomorrow so I'm going to drop off her gifts, then do some other stuff that I don't want to get into here. I hope to spend most of today, Sunday, and Monday engaged in creative work. D R, as he usually does when I chat with him, has given me a creative push and I want to run with it. Here's hoping I can get some work done today. (I'll also be contributing more to TC now that I'm feeling better.)

Anna Gregoline | February 24, 2002
David Sedaris isn't my favorite writer, but he is pretty freakin' funny.

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