Steve West | January 6, 2011
In a shocking discovery, it was revealed that a 1998 study that linked vaccinations to the cause of autism, was shown to be a fraud. Recent goo Andrew Wakefield altered patient data for his study by claiming that five of his 12 case studies were normal prior to receiving vaccinations when in fact they displayed developmental disorders before the injections occured. This was supported by a review of the case histories and interviews with the parents.

One of the worst aspects of this is that there may actually be a link in some cases to vaccinations but that will forever be looked upon with skepticism because of his actions.

Scott Hardie | January 6, 2011
Does Dr. Jennifer McCarthy get to keep her degree in pathology?

Jon Berry | January 6, 2011
Why does anyone think anything that comes out of Jenn McCarthy's mouth is worth listening to? Unless she's discussing which city in the US is the best to experience spring break at, I doubt she has little authoritative experience on any subject, let alone pathology.

Was disappointed at the Huffington Post for giving her a venue to preach her unique perspective.

Steve West | January 6, 2011
I'm pretty sure she has a closet-full of honorary doctorates from universities like Hef U. and the College of Graduates with Really Big Titties and other influential institutions of higher education.

Scott Hardie | January 7, 2011
Man, did I ever go to the wrong school.

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