Scott Hardie | April 29, 2005
I would have mentioned this earlier if I had noticed it before today: Amy has now passed Denise's streak of 59 consecutive correct guesses, once thought virtually impossible to surpass. As of today's Music goo (0530), Amy is up to 71 consecutive correct guesses. Wow! Congrats, Amy, on a big achievement.

(In my rush to pack up and move last week, I also neglected to promote the start of Funny Hat Week with an email announcement. Damn it, doesn't my landlord know I have important things to do on this site?)

Scott Hardie | April 29, 2005
Here's an interesting footnote, and I hope Amy doesn't mind me saying this: Amy was convinced that the recent Monica Bellucci goo was in fact Andie MacDowell, and nearly guessed MacDowell before doing more research. If she had guessed MacDowell and broken her streak, what would her final total have been? 58.

Amy Austin | April 29, 2005
Wow... coolio! I had no idea, although I was wondering from time to time what the record was and thinking that it must be pretty frickin' high not to ever hear mention of anyone surpassing it... that's awesome. (Hahaha, and I would rather not have known if I had put in Andie MacDowell -- that's pretty funny... now.)

Jackie Mason | April 29, 2005
[hidden by request]

Denise Sawicki | April 29, 2005
Congratulations Amy, I can't imagine how you do it!

Scott Horowitz | April 29, 2005
I think it's called unemployment. I just have no time to research for goos anymore.

Scott Hardie | April 29, 2005
Unemployment definitely gives Amy a big advantage, yes. But most of the time, she's one of the first few players to guess each new goo, right after midnight. She's good.

Amy Austin | April 30, 2005
Thank you, Scott (Hardie)... ;-)

And thank you, also, Denise... because I was thinking about it a little later, and I don't feel totally legit about claiming it with Lori's Hyde goo in the middle there! You're really the only one who got that one, and if it weren't for the resetting of guesses for it, I would have broken my streak then -- unemployed or not!

E. M. | April 30, 2005
[hidden by request]

Amy Austin | May 1, 2005
You're such a liar... there was no living with me *before* any of this...

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