Scott Hardie | January 10, 2019
The Sopranos turns 20 today. What did (or does) the show mean to you?

Erik Bates | January 10, 2019
Never watched the show. I was a fan of the theme song, though!

Steve West | January 10, 2019
It made for wonderful binge watching for about 3-4 months. We got through the whole set alternating with Deadwood and The West Wing. I could not endorse any of them more.

Scott Hardie | January 10, 2019
I loved that show. I still do. I still quote it in my head all the time, or find myself drawing connections between the drama on the show and other stories or real life. It was so funny, and so well acted. Its place in history as a landmark show that changed television is assured; I can't praise it any more than it already has been praised.

As for the 20th anniversary specifically? One weakness of the show is that it doesn't age well, due to it being so specifically of its early-2000s mindset. It was groundbreaking at the time, but if a new viewer like Erik tried to watch it in today's world, its power would be diminished. The sudden death of Jim Gandolfini casts a pall over it retroactively, too.

The West Wing is also excellent. I need to see Deadwood, and not just for what I'm told is some extremely creative swearing, exceeding even that of the Soprano crime family.

Samir Mehta | January 10, 2019
[hidden by author request]

Steve West | January 10, 2019
You nailed it, Samir. What a supporting cast! Lorraine Bracco, Frank Vincent, and John Heard all shone.

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