Scott Hardie | July 16, 2003
After four weeks on the job, I finally had my first sale yesterday. But I'm not exactly celebrating: It was a prescription drug plan, the meekest product we offer. Someone didn't understand just how small that sale was, so I explained it this way: Imagine that I'm a waiter, and besides serving people, it's my job to talk them into ordering something. I've got the steaks at the high end of the menu (and someday I hope to sell one or two of those every day like the big boys), I've got the general entrees like pasta and chicken, and then at the low end I've got soups and salads. For four weeks, I've been talking to every customer that came into the restaurant, but I haven't been able to convince any of them to order something. Finally, yesterday, I talked one into ordering a glass of water.

Jackie Mason | July 16, 2003
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | July 18, 2003
Still selling insurance: life, health, and annuities. Well, "selling" is used loosely here.

Anna Gregoline | July 19, 2003
Regardless, good job, Scott.

Jackie Mason | July 20, 2003
[hidden by request]

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