Scott Hardie | August 31, 2003
It's always been a little pet peeve of mine that people being interviewed on camera look down and read a script. Is it so hard to have a semi-casual conversation with Jay Leno that you have to keep looking down to read your lines? It's one thing on a talk show like that, where we can see Jay Leno and we know that the person is supposed to be looking at him. But while I was watching a making-of featurette on a DVD today, I was bothered that all of the actors being interviewed kept looking down at their lines, then looking back up to the "interviewer" just beside the camera. Look, if it's staged anyway, then ditch the interviewer who we never see or hear, and just put the cue cards in his chair so the actors can look at them the whole time and it actually seems natural. Jeez.

Jackie Mason | August 31, 2003
[hidden by request]

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