Scott Hardie | February 7, 2003
After several weeks of programming (mostly because I could only do a little bit a day), I have finally finished my site for The Weekly Curiosity, the RPG that I run here in Tampa with friends. It's like the sites for past RPGs of mine in that it is of primary interest to the players of the game, but this one was given extra stuff for visitors, such as the "Interact" page. Let me know what you think.

(The programming is playtested as much as I can do it, but please let me know if you spot any errors. The list of characters is incomplete; I intend to add one each day until they're all there.)

Kevin Fiore | February 10, 2003
Should the name of the categories that are in the main body of the article, (they are in Italics) be links to those pages too?

Scott Hardie | February 10, 2003
They're not supposed to be, but that's a good idea, I'll change 'em...

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