Dave Stoppenhagen | February 9, 2005
How can a 27 year old person find a 13 year old attractive (link)


Jackie Mason | February 9, 2005
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | February 9, 2005
Unfortunately, I knew several girls who did lose their virginity to someone that old. Yuck! I thought I read somewhere that kids are developing much faster these days - has anyone heard that?

Dave Stoppenhagen | February 9, 2005
My sister-in-law who is 15 is beautiful and walking through the mall there were guys in their 30's checking her out. I was pretty sickened by it, and wanted to pummel them.

Anna Gregoline | February 9, 2005
I would have just shouted at them, "She's FIFTEEN, sickos!"

Dave Stoppenhagen | February 9, 2005
She's very self conscious and gets embarrassed really easily, so I try to keep that to a minimum. But I gave them every reason to believe that if they kept looking there would be problems.

But to answer your question yes kids are developing much faster now, I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere that it has to do with all the hormones in food.

Anna Gregoline | February 9, 2005
Really? I'll say my second YUCK! Although that makes sense - they do give animals lots of hormones and things these days. One more reason that as soon as I can afford it, I'm going to try and eat all organic and naturally-processed foods. My boyfriend even wants us to grow our own someday, including raising chickens! I don't know about that, but I bet it all tastes much better too.

Amy Austin | February 9, 2005
Wow... I don't want to sound sexist here, but I sure didn't think we'd see another female teacher/male student thing -- I guess it's LeTourneau Syndrome! Again, I hate to make it sound like a "guy thing"... but it's kind of like female serial killers -- WTF???

So now I want to know: are they "in love" (as MK and Fili supposedly are/were), or was she just getting her freak on???

Lori Lancaster | February 9, 2005
[hidden by request]

Amy Austin | February 9, 2005
Yeah, I get what you're saying, Lori... it's, like, kind of understandable when guys have the hots for girls (who *do* tend to look older and more developed)... but a 13-year-old boy??? I'd laugh if he tried to kiss me, and then I'd have to apologize to his poor developing male ego! But, it's like all the guys said about MKL & Fili... you know the other guys are high-fiving that little stud! Gross.

Dave Stoppenhagen | February 9, 2005
Yes Lori it is. I stepped in their line of site and made sure that they could tell there would be violence if they kept it up.

My MIL (mom in law) was, gone now, letting a friends kid stay at her house while she was going to College and she was rather large chested with a J-Lo booty and liked to wear tight clothes. Well my prepubescent brother-in-law (10 at the time) has a pretty sweet setup in his room (Couch, TV, XBOX) and she used to hang out in there with him almost falling out of her shirt. Now for most guys if they were older would be like sweet I have an older woman that's half naked in my room, but he was probably going holy shit my body feels funny when she sits next to me playing xbox.

Jackie Mason | February 9, 2005
[hidden by request]

Jackie Mason | February 11, 2005
[hidden by request]

John E Gunter | February 11, 2005
Age of consent varies from state to state and varies to a much larger degree from nation to nation. Also, especially during the middle ages, people were married at a much younger age. I need to do a little more research on this, but I wouldn't be surprised that much of our moral values as far as the age of consent are fairly recent in our country, like around the 1800s or so, and were probably started by the religious right.

To read interesting information about the age of consent, check out this website.



Dave Stoppenhagen | March 1, 2005
and here is another one (link)

Amy Austin | March 1, 2005
Toddler strapped in the back... nice touch! Geez...

Anna Gregoline | March 1, 2005
The thing that is so strange to me now is that LeTourneu and that boy are getting married and have two kids together...don't know what to think about that.

Kris Weberg | March 4, 2005
Yeah, no kidding: on the one hand the circumstances of their forming a relationship and having thsoe children are disturbing and wrong. On the other hand, they're not doing anything illegal right now, and I have no problem with consenting adults...uh...consenting however they like.

Kind of a simultaneous "eeeewwww" and "I guess it's okay now" fighting it out in my head.

Amy Austin | March 4, 2005
I think most of the American public is having the same sort of mental grapple with it... hopefully, though, only during the few seconds when their names come up.

Lori Lancaster | March 4, 2005
[hidden by request]

Amy Austin | March 5, 2005
Absolutely frightening.

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