Scott Hardie | October 11, 2004
Can anyone enlighten me as to the nature or purpose of the white oval stickers I have seen on the backs of so many cars lately? They have a black circle around the edge, and two or three letters written in a large, black, typically sans-serif font. "SK" seems to be most common around here, but I've seen other abbreviations. Sometimes these are on the bumpers, but more often I see them on the hood or rear window. They appear to be imitations of European auto stickers like this one from the Netherlands. Is there any meaning to this trend as a whole, or is it limited to individual meaning for each sticker?

Kris Weberg | October 11, 2004
They may be import stickers -- the Netherlands one reads, "NL," so perhaps an abbreviation for the country itself. And "SK" might be South Korea?

Anna Gregoline | October 11, 2004
I don't know if this was the origin, but awhile back Volkswagen was distributing those stickers in magazine ads - I got a few that said some U.S. states. They might have been copying a meme already in existance though.

Scott Horowitz | October 11, 2004
I have seen a bunch of them with College names.

Mike Eberhart | October 12, 2004
Yes, they are stickers that represent other countries. I don't know why people have them, but working on an Air Force base, I see them all the time. Have seen "GB" for Great Britian a lot. It must be some new fad...

Megan Baxter | October 12, 2004
When I was in Germany on exchange 10 years ago, all the cars I saw had them - I think they are actually required in Europe to tell easily what country a car is from.

Here, I think it's a fad copying that.

Scott Hardie | October 14, 2004
Yeah, I think they're just a fad, with each sticker bearing its own meaning, like this one for a band. I saw "SK" up close and it says "Siesta Key" in tiny print. Pheh. I still wouldn't put this on my car.

Kris Weberg | October 14, 2004
Especially considering what the average 13-year-old wit would make of it.

Jackie Mason | October 16, 2004
[hidden by request]

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