Scott Hardie | December 14, 2020
Well, that's not a great way to start off the season.

For the Greg Kelly goo, the same wrong guess kept coming in, from one player after another. Usually when that happens, it's for one of two reasons: Either the photo is of the wrong person, or the clue describes multiple people with no way to tell which is right. But I triple-checked the photo and it was accurate, and the clue doesn't technically describe the other person (he's a frequent guest on that network but not a host as far as I can tell*). I breathed a little easier at not having made a mistake, but I still feel bad for everyone who got it wrong. I certainly did not intend it to be misleading.

I'm deliberately not mentioning the other name here so that it can be a do-over goo, not that most of you don't know the name already.

I worried that nobody was going to solve it, but Chris and Russ got it at the end. Well done, guys. :-)

*There is an article online from September 2020 announcing that this person is going to become the host of his own prime-time news show on this network, and I bet that's the source that players relied on. But I looked at the schedule for that channel and he's nowhere on it, so maybe his show was cancelled or maybe it didn't start yet or maybe it just didn't happen at all.

Erik Bates | December 14, 2020
I had a hard time finding the photo. After I saw I was wrong, I did some deeper digging and found the right photo with the correct name. Whoops.

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