That has got to be the worst line from the worst theme song in movie history (IMNSHO)! It's so bad, it's the song of the day! "Hero" by Chad Kroeger (Nickleback lead singer) and Josey Scott (Saliva lead singer), from the movie Spiderman.

Well, it's been a weird week, with sadness, upsetting news, shocking revelations, and Fergie songs stuck in my head. (F^$&ing London Bridge...again!) I am going in search of happiness and joy, although I'm not sure where to look. The weekend is the best time to go a-lookin', though!

I think I've been stuck in a rut lately. (Now I have "Caught In A Mosh" by Anthrax in my head!) I could do an entire post of just free association and songs that fly through my head. It would be horrendously boring for everyone (not that this drivel now is super compelling!), so I'll try to avoid it. I find that I do tend to have certain songs that I think of at certain times. I think everyone does, though, so it's not that bad. Your opinion of Anthrax may differ from mine, though!

Anyways, yeah, rut. Work is picking up, and time is short. I'm still loving my job, though, so that's awesome!

I want you all to know that I am not even as racist as my previous reply to a different blog may have indicated. I was just ill-informed and didn't possess the forethought to consider what kinds of things came out of my mouth.

I'm stuck in a funny (not ha-ha funny, but oh sh!t funny) situation. I kind of let a situation where I felt insulted pass by, because I figured it wouldn't pay to press the issue, but now I am really bothered by it. I can't bring it back up, because it's such a stupid situation that if I brought it back up, it would make me look immature for holding on to it. And I'm afraid if a similar situation comes up, and I press the issue then, it will look like I'm letting one person get away with it and not someone else (if another person does this). Obviously, if the same person did it, I'd tell him/her to blow it out his/her ass, and not feel bad about it. It's stupid, but it's my problem.

[Jann Arden-Insensitive]

Well, I was going to try not to talk about the things that have been sad that have happened lately, but if you don't, doesn't that almost look like you don't care? Is it possible to be quietly supportive without looking like a callous jerk that doesn't say anything? Is it even expected, since I am not really super close to any of the people involved? Would it seem creepy (it kind of feels creepy, for various reasons, but I'm used to getting weird vibes that other people wouldn't)? Would anyone else even worry about it?

[Little Red Rocket-I'm A Fake]

Is Scott reading this? I went to call him the other day, but I lost his phone number. So, I sent him an e-mail, but I sent it to the wrong address, I think, because I didn't hear back (which, since the e-mail in question was a "Hey! I sent you an e-mail and I haven't heard back.", is probably not too surprising! :) Then I recall that he stated that my blog had lost a reader, and I wonder if Scott meant he wasn't reading my blog, instead of the opposite, which was the assumption I made at the time. So, no one tell him I'm writing this about him, and I'll see if he's reading this.

I'm serious! Don't tell Scott about my juvenile game to see if he's reading this!

Of course, what if Scott reads this and doesn't respond for some other reason? Ack! My logic is flawed! I need a new plan.


HOLY SHIT CAKES!! I FINALLY FOUND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FAVORITE BAND "LITTLE RED ROCKET"!!!!! They are now called Azure Ray. Expect to hear that I bought like every album within the week!!!!

OMFG!! And Azure Ray had a song in an episode of Buffy!! My life converges into one big happy place!


Didn't take long! ;)

[EDITED 1600]

OK, I only bought 3 CDs by Azure Ray...that's restraint!

Two Replies to 6-IV-2007 or I am so high, I can see heaven.

Scott Hardie | April 7, 2007
I do still read your blog, but I did not receive any emails from you, which makes me sad. You can reach me with the "Feedback" link at the top of this site, and also I'll give you my address with a secret reply, since everybody likes getting secret replies.

Also, you have not lost a reader. Denise and I are no longer a couple, but we still talk, and she still enjoys everything you write.

Scott Hardie | April 7, 2007
[hidden by author request]


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