but when has that stopped me?

GooCon sounds awesome! I hope a lot of people come! I doubt anyone will honestly be looking forward to meeting me in particular (and, seriously, your expectations of what I'm like in person are too high, I am certain), but I think it will be awesome to meet people I only kind of know. Plus, most people know to expect a fruitcake, so I don't have to worry about acting too looney around people!

I have like three huge things going on right now. But, one I can't talk about because it mostly involves the wife (and I would get killed), the second involves a horrible situation that I can't discuss due to it being related to work (and I can't chance it), and the third is boring, but I can discuss it safely...or mostly safely. I'm on medication, but it's too early to say whether it's going to do me any good yet. Speaking of which I have to go take a pill right now...done deal. The problem is that the doctor gave me the three weeks of sample pills on condition that I seriously consider seeing a therapist. She gave me two options of therapists she recommends, neither of which is covered by my insurance. So those two are out (I can't afford such luxury). The one I know (Dr. Coo-Coo) won't put me on medication, because he doesn't believe in it, so that's out. And I really can't afford to go back to him either..which means the other options available to me are probably the same amount, which is beyond my means at the moment. I don't know if she will continue me on the Lexapro (combination depression and anxiety medication! What a deal!) though if I don't go to a therapist. I am feeling kind of better (what is better?), and I don't think I am worrying as much (except about things that really do need worrying about...no irrational worry), but results can take up to 6 weeks, and I'm on week 2. Who knows? My follow up appointment is on the 31st on this month, so we'll see how that goes, I guess. Update to come!!

The song of the day is the Oddity I just posted. Go check it out! It's pretty funny, I think!

Four Replies to 24&25-III-2008 or It's probably too late to post...

Scott Hardie | March 25, 2008
Yes it is!

Scott Hardie | March 25, 2008
I hope that the situations that you can't talk about work out for you.

Matthew Preston | March 25, 2008
Aaron - Please tell me your speaking during "Blogs Over Barbecue" at GooCon!

Aaron Shurtleff | March 26, 2008
I could...I just have to find the right post...


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