You would think after a year of quitting the cigarettes, I would be in the clear. Nope. Temptation got the best of me. :( I going to quit again, of course, but I'm sorry I even started again. I feel like crap, my throat hurts, and just feel physically drained, which I did not previously when I did the bad smoking thing. I guess that's good incentive to quit for good for real!

But I still want to smoke, which is pitiful.

Song of the day is Everything About You by Ugly Kid Joe. I am full of self-loathing, and I hate myself.

Did anyone rush out and buy the new Def Leppard album? Well, I did. ;) I haven't listened to it yet, though. Been too bust running around to devote myself to it. I am looking forward to it though.


Stick it is the worst movie I've ever watched. Yuck! I thought a movie about young female gymnasts would be pretty funny, but the best parts were in the previews.


OK, that wasn't really a spoiler, but damn that movie sucked. And, yeah, it's not too topical.

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Amy Austin | May 6, 2008
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Aaron Shurtleff | May 7, 2008
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Jackie Mason | May 7, 2008
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Aaron Shurtleff | May 7, 2008
Yes, Jackie, that is the very movie! Not as good as I thought. Plus, the character I thought was the main character (based on the picture on the cover of the DVD) was actually not the main character, which disappointed me. But I might have confused the two characters. I thought the girl from "Waiting" was the main character, but she wasn't.

I appreciate the support. I almost didn't say anything about falling off, but I'm trying to be honest in the blog and all. Except for certain delicate situations, I try to be honest with what I am thinking/feeling. *shrug* I'm sure anyone who reads this knows that anyways. :)


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