I've heard from sources that will remain anonymous (if I spelled that right...) that my blog has blog fans. Hel-lo, groupies! I will try to remain faithful to my art and not go totally commercial. The ASSassin will not "sell out"...unless there's like, mad money to be made. I gots to keep the wife in the manner that she is accustomed to, after all. :)

First of all, let me just say that I was wrong. The latest song by Red Hot Chili Peppers is growing on me. So, anyone who stated that the new album grows on you after hearing it more than a few times...well, you might be right about that one song. But, that's all I'll commit to right now.

Song of the day is...

[THOUGHT BREAK] You know, I don't remember what songs I've already used, so there's bound to be a repeat eventually...I need to make a list...[BREAK OVER]

Argh!! I submitted early accidentally!

The song of the day is "High Fiving MF" by Local H. The CD is in my vehicle, so I hear the song pretty often. It makes me grin, but more of a devilish rueful grin, not a happy grin. If you heard the song, and could crawl into my head and not lose your sanity, you'd understand.

I got my wife (well, and myself really) a phat new computer for her birthday. Now I just need internet access at home, and I am golden. On that day, I will be posting more often, which is either good or bad, depending on your opinion. Also, there was a bit of stress involved for me. I wondered whether any of the people I know who are much more computer savvy than myself would be bothered that I did not ask them for their opinion. I just want them to know (on the rare chance they might see this) that I really considered it, but I opted not to for two (2) reasons. First, I didn't want to bug anyone asking what could be (to them) stupid questions and taking up a lot of time. I am slow when it comes to things like this, and I didn't want to burden any of you. Second, I was afraid that I would get a lot of conflicting answers, and then I would feel bad if I went against anyone who I asked advice from. Everyone has their own opinion, and I don't like to ask someone's opinion, and then not use their advice. I can't do that. It's too hard. And third (since I am unable to commit to just two, and I lie like a old coon hound), I didn't want to ask just one person, and offend the others, so I asked none of you. Now, I probably offended all of you by doing so, but that's how it happens. Sorry.

Gosh, work is busy! Not that you all don't have the same problems, but I like to bitch, and this is my blog, so you can either stop reading or deal with it. PBBT!! I need to get back at it...soon. :D

Maker's Mark is the whiskey of the devil. I need to add it to my Obsessions! :P

I wonder why my blog becomes a list of one-liners and quick hits at the end. Hmm...

brb as the kids say...

I'm back!

My wife says I don't have to see Dr. Coo-coo anymore. I wonder if I should stop going. I mean, I guess it's helps, but I really only started going 'cause my wife said I should. On the other hand, my wife promised not to buy any more shoes as long as I am going to see Dr. Coo-coo, and I love holding the power of shoe-buying!!! :) Men, there is no power you can hold over a woman more powerful than the ability to say, "No. You shall not buy shoes!". ;)

Anywho, we'll see. I kind of like seeing Dr. Coo-Coo. It helps me think things through better sometimes. I think I have a better handle on myself than I did before. (Keep the mind out of the gutter, please!) Not that I'm "normal" yet, but...who is?!?

I didn't get any offers on the fishin'. ;)

I really kind of liked the movie "The Ringer". I really think that (for what the movie is (a comedy)) the retarded people mentally and physically challenged are portrayed in an even manner. This movie really could have been crass, and used a bunch of normal people pretending to be mentally and physically challenged, and offensive. Instead, we get to see the actual people and they are (as far as I am concerned) actual people. Yeah, some of the actors are actually not handicapped, but most of them are (I hope...otherwise, I'm looking really moronic right now). Seriously, it's worth seeing.

I should have put that in TMR...

I think Ker's Winghouse has better hot wings than Hooters, but I like Quaker Steak and Lube the best, though. Plus, Quaker has those beer towers! Aw, yeah! Cold beer! Hot wings! What a tasty combination! If you like wings, I'd go to Quaker Steak and Lube, with several easy locations in the Saint Petersburg area.


OK, so I sold out a little bit. :)

I can't believe I stooped to such an obvious joke. I loved setting that up, though. :P

Three Replies to 20-X-2006 or Peer Pressure

Scott Hardie | October 22, 2006
Congrats on fandom. :)

Maybe you know some fiercely proud computer geeks outside of our mutual social circle? I don't think anyone we both know would be hurt you didn't ask for their advice. It seems to me that some people take computer-shopping way too seriously. (fun link)

Erik Bates | October 22, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Aaron Shurtleff | October 24, 2006
I don't think hurt was my worry. Everyone is just so nice, and I avoid conflict. Even fabricated conflict, I guess! :)

And a computer is a serious purchase! :P That's some mad money, ya know!


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Happy birthday!

Steve West turns 59 today.