Aside from selling lottery tickets, 7-Eleven stores are recognizable by two products; Slurpees and Big Gulps. All, I mean all, of their food products should have E. Coli warnings on them and an ingredients list that says "some kind of meat, we think". But I digress. They are still the inventor of that great American institution: The Big Gulp! It's so good that its size has inexorably increased over time. I know they didn't invent the drink, only the cup. But they came up with the hallmark name "Gulp". Who thought that would sound refreshing and make a consumer think first of 7-Eleven to meet their parched throat needs?

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Amy Austin | November 13, 2007
Heheh... before I looked at the photos, I was about to say that I'm waiting for the Pony Keg Gulp -- now I can see how it pales on the Gulp Scale...

Hoover Gulp... that's scary... looks like some kind of nukular/toxic spill -- might as well call it the "Three Mile Gulp"!

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