I am ready to go!! :) I really think we might win one tonight. If not, I'll still get to go to the bar and drink my sorrows away! We have an expression in kickball: At the end of the night, win or lose, we're all a winner at MacDinton's! MacDinton's being a fine Irish pub. MMMM! They have good food (for a bar), and you can't beat $1 Miller Lites. OK, you can do better than Lites, but the price makes it all good!! :)

I think getting into Rock Block might have been a mistake, since I really really want to be playing all the time! ;) Plus, I have this thing about completion, and I really want to get all the bands, which would be impossible, since more come in all the time, but I can't help myself. I'll retire after I pick up the band card for Scatterbrain. ;)

Song of the day: "Grandma's House of Babes" by Scatterbrain. Oh, you don't know the song, I'm sure. But you'll look. The title will suck you in, and you'll have to know. Hee hee!

And you'll wish you hadn't, I'm sure! Hee hee!

EDIT: Check Obsessions, and seriously, someone had to do it! :P


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25-VIII-2006 or All good things...

Last night was the last night of the regular kickball season. The playoff tournament is going to take place while I am in Denmark, so I am done. I will miss kickball. Go »

1-IX-2006 or TT4N!

Well, this will be the last time I blog here until 9/18 or so, when I will be back from vacation. Barring a European internet cafe, or some such nonsense. (How does one get the little accent on the e? Go »


Just seeing if I can get a picture of Malachi to show up here... If this works, this is Malachi's "Get that camera out of my %^&*ing face!" look! Go »

5-XI-2008 or Mentiroso!

Yeah, my espanol is muy malo. I feel like I should just come out and admit that I was probably lying yesterday. I have a habit (preference, actually) for claiming I voted for whoever wins the election, not matter whether it is true or not. Go »

Yay, a blog!

I've never had a blog (as the people here who know what an absolute technophobe I am will tell you is not surprising), so I guess this is my first step into the wonderful world of blogging. I had food poisoning last night, so my stomach is ready to bust again. Don't eat week old meatloaf is the lesson of the day. Go »

7-III-2007 or What You Don't Want to Hear

I understand that hearing about my stupid medical situations is probably annoying to everyone. Too bad. It's where I'm at, so I like to use my blog as a venting point, or at least to try to put down what I'm thinking/feeling. Go »