I am ready to go!! :) I really think we might win one tonight. If not, I'll still get to go to the bar and drink my sorrows away! We have an expression in kickball: At the end of the night, win or lose, we're all a winner at MacDinton's! MacDinton's being a fine Irish pub. MMMM! They have good food (for a bar), and you can't beat $1 Miller Lites. OK, you can do better than Lites, but the price makes it all good!! :)

I think getting into Rock Block might have been a mistake, since I really really want to be playing all the time! ;) Plus, I have this thing about completion, and I really want to get all the bands, which would be impossible, since more come in all the time, but I can't help myself. I'll retire after I pick up the band card for Scatterbrain. ;)

Song of the day: "Grandma's House of Babes" by Scatterbrain. Oh, you don't know the song, I'm sure. But you'll look. The title will suck you in, and you'll have to know. Hee hee!

And you'll wish you hadn't, I'm sure! Hee hee!

EDIT: Check Obsessions, and seriously, someone had to do it! :P


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30-VI-2009 or Is it wrong to be happy?

I take joy in finding out that the ex that f-ed around on me 3 times while we were dating now appears to be divorced from the first guy she married, and is now apparently married to the guy she f-ed around with all three times we were dating. I am happy because a) she obviously really really liked the guy and b) now I know that it really was her, and not me. I beat the sh!t Go »

14-VII-2009 or Oh. Didn't I Mention That??

Ha! I just saw the funniest thing, but I shouldn't make mention of it, since it involves images of me online on Youtube cursing and being a total dick. It's real funny, but of course, if I speak of it, or name the event, then everyone will see me being a weirdo, and they might think that's really how I roll. Go »

10-IV-2008 or Beavis and Butthead

I'm at work. I took my pill this morning, because I think I forgot to take it last night. From the way I'm feeling now, I think I double-medicated myself. Go »

Random Thought

I'm considering trading in a bunch of R3 cards in RB to get a card I really want (plus an Achievement), so anyone who reads this and is interested in one of my R3's let me know. I'm willing to consider a trade over 10 cards to get one I want. Although the Achievement intrigues me... Go »

4-III-2008 or I Kick Ass For The Lord!

If you haven't seen Dead Alive, the title makes no sense. If you have, you're awesome, and I love you, but in a total non-sexual, non-gay sort of way. There is a short clip in the Best Horror Weapons of Steve West's post, which is ironic, because I was thinking of putting it in the New Game thread (where you guess movies...haven't Go »

16-VIII-2006 or When the cat's away...

Woo hoo! My boss is out of town! Supposedly, I'm in charge, but it really doesn't work that way. Go »