I know! I don't believe it either! And to all the haters out there, I got my hater-blockers on!

I'm not sure what that means, but I think I just increased my street cred slightly. ;)

Well, I checked the news, and apparently the only thing happening today involves dog fighting (not the type that takes place in cool airplanes either) and Michael Vick. After the whole Duke lacrosse scandal, I'd hate to jump to a conclusion too early, but DAMN! If everything alleged is true, that's about the coldest thing I've heard in quite some time. I actually hope it's not true, just because it's so foul.

I originally thought about putting into this blog something like a stupid news article of the day, but I don't know. I'd hate to post about a story that I thought was stupid, but then find out that there was more to it, and look stupid. Not that I'm unused to looking stupid, but it's the principal of it! Plus, it seems kind of contrived, and I think I have plenty to say without resorting to a gimmick like stupid people in the news.

With that said, if those girls in the fatal car accident were text messaging while driving, that is the stupid news article of the day! ;) Although Vick is looking kind of stupid, too.

Things are picking up steam at work. :( I'll soon be back to my busy busy ways.

I need to find internet access next weekend. I do not intend to miss my chance to be GOO champion for round XXX because I can't access this website! Of course, I'll probably get one of the GOO masters in the first round, get trounced, and it won't matter anyways! :D

If I had to pick a song for the day today, what should I pick? My car CD player is broke, so I don't have that to listen to and put weird songs in my head. I've got Michael Penn's "No Myth" in my head, but that's not really what I'm feeling as appropriate today. OOH! I got it! There's a band from the mid-90's, goes by the name of The Nixons. They had some success with a song titled "Sister", which you might or might not have heard of (how should I know!). It's a nice sweet song, but it's not the song of the day (although it could be in the future!). (As an aside, the album this song (and the song of the day, which I'm getting to!) is titled Foma, which is apparently from a Kurt Vonnegut, and is used to indicate meaningless lies that people live with to make themselves feel better...which is cool in it's own right!) Another song from that album, and the song of the day, is "Trampoline". It's kind of an angry song, and I'm kind of angry. I always think of Curt Kobain when I hear it. I guess it's just me though, since I can't find a link between them. It's a pretty good song, from a mostly obscure band.

You're lucky I didn't go with "Popular" by Nada Surf or "Sammy Hagar" by Nerf Herder!

Four Replies to 18-VII-2007 or Three Days In A Row?

Scott Hardie | July 21, 2007
Interestingly, your first opponent in the Round XXX tournament will be Steve Dunn. Perhaps you two can settle your months-long feud in this direct competition? I can't wait to read the trash talk.

Before anyone gets any ideas, I didn't intentionally select you two. I will pit the competing players against one another in descending userrank order, so Mike vs. Denise, Dave vs. Matthew, and so on down the list until we reach Steve vs. Aaron.

I think most of the competing players will be able to guess most of the goos correctly; all five are Expert difficulty. It's just a question of who can guess them in less time.

Scott Hardie | July 21, 2007
As for Michael Vick, I couldn't tell if the non-stop news coverage about him for the last few days was because I was in Atlanta at the time. I guess it wasn't.

I have always found PETA annoying (and Amy, if you read this, I can finally put my finger on why), so I'm not surprised at the group's protest outside the NFL. They want the league to sanction Vick for the dogfighting, and the league says let's wait until the criminal trial decides whether he's truly guilty before we take action. I don't know if the league president also took time to denounce dogfighting in the same message (I would have), but otherwise that seems like exactly the correct response to PETA's protest.

Jackie Mason | July 22, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | July 22, 2007
Okay, I'm reading... and I did also get a chuckle out of the Steve/Aaron pairing -- priceless. As is the new "hater-blocker" banner... I fully expected some gloating over that, but then I remembered that Steve did have the NASCAR banner with you. Heh.

I don't think I even need to mention what I think of Vick, but I agree that a denouncement of dogfighting (just typing it makes me sick) would have been more than appropriately called for, though hard to seem adequate. It's tough for me to say that this is how I think "justice" should work, and although I am torn, I think I'd obviously have to be leaning more closely to PETA and Jackie on this one.


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