Been a busy day, but I guess I gotta do something.



I did see a funny meme today, but, as memes are wont to do, by the time I find it again, post a link to it, and hit submit on this post, it will be old news. But, I promise you it was savage and hilarious. It involved pierced nipples, so you know it's gotta be top-quality stuff.

I had sexual harassment prevention training yesterday. Can you tell?

I saw an article on CNN about last night's Democratic debates entitled something like "Here's the debate's biggest loser". I thought I'd give it a look, just to see what direction things are going in. (Reminder [or if you are new, informational]: As a registered Independent voter, I like to let the party in question tell me who they think represents their views, so I don't get too excited about the candidates until it has gotten to the one to represent the party) Can you guess who was the big loser in the democratic debates last night was, according to CNN? Donald Trump.


Thank you, CNN, for telling me that democrats don't much like the current republican president, and he wasn't well spoken of in the debates. Any other nuggets of wisdom? Maybe you could do a hard hitting report on how vegans feel about the current state of meat production? Perhaps the next time the senior members of the NAACP get together, CNN can let us know what they think about white supremacists. I think the answer might surprise me.

Seriously, though. THIS is why you shouldn't depend on other people to tell you about who did well/poorly in debates. And, yes, I will fully admit that they did actually talk about some of the actual good/bad bits of the debates (Not all of the people in the debates! I mean, come on! That's way too many people!). But in the end, that was their conclusion. Trump was the big loser. It was click bait BS, and I fell for it.

Fake news indeed. I expected better from a respected news agency.

Ess-oh-en-gee oh-eff tee-aitch-eee dee-ay-why: (Don't give me guff. H is hard to spell phonetically) Who remembers "Cherry Bomb" by the Runaways? That's the song. No reason. Just a song I like. You can like it too. It's coo.

Alright. I will go now. Remember the immortal words of Chuck Berry: "We boogied in the kitchen. We boogied in the hall. I got something on my finger, so I wiped it on the wall."

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Scott Hardie | June 29, 2019
Trump rally-goers and I are in agreement that CNN sucks.


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