I'm not good at getting in here regularly. It's not that I don't love you all as much as I used to, because I totally do! I just have problems staying focused on stuff lately. I start doing stuff, and I'll focus on it to the neglect of everything else. Then, I get over it, and I start to take care of my business again. I have problems. Sorry.

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of TMC, I did another review, this one for The Syrian Bride. I don't watch a lot of Sundance Channel, but I'm glad I saw this movie. I can see why it's won awards. Please, if you have a chance, check it out. I hate to recommend movies, because I don't trust my opinions most of the time (remember, I thought Claire Danes was GREAT in Stardust!), and I don't want someone to waste their time, but other people liked this movie, too!

And Scott, the Stardust thing wasn't to get a rise out of you, so please don't take it that way.

OMG!!! In efforts to save money at work, we have a Think Before You Ink campaign. We're supposed to not print out a bunch of stuff on the computer, unless it is absolutely necessary, you see. I have a training meeting tomorrow afternoon, and they had a handout that they wanted us to print out and bring with us. It's a freaking 13 page monstrousity, and it's just the PowerPoint presentation we're going to be seeing tomorrow. HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?!?! This is the biggest waste of my time and the University's resources. *sigh*

Anyhow, got to get back at it. I'm already thinking about my next RB birthday card... I'm pathetic. My thinking is this (and, again, Scott, I'm just saying, and I don't want you to change anything about the site, OK? OK?!): I've been picking bands that I love, and that I think might not get into the game otherwise. This is what I do, and it's like my little way of honoring these bands. The problem is I am now gun shy about accepting Happy Birthday themed concerts now, because my little bands are R1 (rightfully!), and I automatically get my Birthday cards in the theme, so I go in knowing I've got 2 R1's, which gives me a disadvantage. I'm thinking in the future, I want to find a good band with some higher potential, so that I can have a better chance of putting up a fight in that theme. Unfortunately, my little brain can't come up with any big named bands that I love, and that aren't already in the game. The best I can think of is Better Than Ezra, which I haven't seen yet, but even they probably won't be much higher than R3 at best (in my opinion...maybe they're more well liked than I think!). I'll keep thinking. I'm also leaning towards The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (though they are not my most favorite-est), because (as far as I know) the "ska" genre (as I think of it, which could bear no resemblance to the actual meaning in the mainstream) is not represented, and Bosstones and Reel Big Fish are the only two I really listen to enough to want to see them in the game (and I think Bosstones are slightly better, honestly).

And I voted for Bon Jovi to be raised up, even though it's in my possession, because I believe they should be raised up, and if my vote gets invalidated for that or whatever other reason, then :P because I will vote for them until my fingers fall off, because I love them, and I think they should go up. Def Leppard, too, but one R6 at a time. :D

EDIT: Yeah, I know that Savatage is an R2. I misspoke...miswrote..had a brain fart. Still, I'm thinking!

Four Replies to 7-IV-2009 or Back In Action

Lori Lancaster | April 7, 2009
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | April 7, 2009
The Specials are in the game... and No Doubt, too -- though, I realize that may be pushing the definition of ska...

Scott Hardie | April 7, 2009
You know, I didn't really put 2 and 2 together until now, but there are a lot of players who just can't seem to win Happy Birthday despite it being around for a very long time now. I wonder if they're getting stymied by their low-ranking cards. Perhaps I should remove the code that pushes your own birthday cards into your hands.

I have added Syrian Bride to my list. Thanks for the suggestion. Danes was an excellent actress when she was a teenager and the bar was pretty low, but I haven't been impressed by her acting much since then. I guess she was good in The Hours but she didn't have much to do there.

If you think Bon Jovi are greater than the other R6s, then by all means vote for them. If you're worried about your vote being ignored, you could also vote for other bands that you don't own and don't consider favorites. The more votes the better, from the game's perspective, as long as they're honest.

Aaron Shurtleff | April 8, 2009
Scott - I like that you can use your own birthday cards, actually. I'm just trying to think out aloud. Did you not see the I don't want you to change anything remark? :) If anything, I would wait to remove that kind of code until the day (three or so years from now) when you will know what your five cards will be, because you have 5 birthday cards. But then when you have 6, it would be good again, because you won't know which one you aren't getting.

As far as Bon Jovi, I do, and I did. I looked for others to run up, but all I found was an R9 which I think is better than some of the current R10s (my opinion), and some R1 through 3's. Most of the middle is muddled to me, since a lot of bands in the middle I have a hard time rating higher or lower in relation to the others. The lowest ranks are easiest, because you can see one band, and say, "Wow! They need to be higher".

Amy - I honestly forgot about The Specials, but you are right. Let us say ska is under-represented then. :) Unless you don't like ska, then I guess you could say it was properly represented...

Lori- I agree on Oingo Boingo!


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