Earlier this week, The Onion published another eyebrow-raiser: Actress' Abortion Written Into TV Show, with a photo of Leah Remini. Later that day, it changed without explanation into the much tamer Apple Unveils New Product-Unveiling Product. (link) Normally they never back down from a legal challenge or controversy, and good taste obviously isn't a factor, so I wonder why they changed the article. Thank goodness for search engines that archive content, huh? (link) Read it while it's still there.

Four Replies to Abortion Aborted

Anna Gregoline | March 8, 2007
I'm honestly very surprised. Did they get too much heat from the get-go, about it, I wonder?

I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's International Woman's Day today, whatever that means, and I've read more hateful articles and opinions about women today than I have in the past few months. Girls are being suspended for saying the word "vagina," there's a Salon article about how many women in Iraq are being raped by their own U.S. military "comrades," and various other disgusting things.

Amy Austin | March 11, 2007
Apparently, it's no longer "still there".

Erik Bates | March 12, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | March 13, 2007
And now it's back in The Onion again, this time with King of Queens and Leah Remini changed to fictional surrogates: (link)

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Sinners and Losers

Last week, Katherine Harris publicly denounced the first amendment, calling it "a lie" and said that we were supposed to be a nation of religious law. She also said that not to vote for a Christian is to vote for sin. (link) Apparently in Florida that gets you elected: Yesterday she enjoyed a landslide 50% victory over her competitors in the Senate Republican primary despite a bumbling campaign. Go »

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Humbug 4 Life

This isn't a very popular opinion these days, but it's from the heart: I'm getting terribly fed up with Christmas all around me, and being wished a merry Christmas dozens of different ways every day both verbal and non-verbal. Normally I think political correctness is a joke and the word "offended" is a thoroughly dead horse of a cliché, but I have no other word for how I feel than offended. I'm not Christian and want nothing to do with the holiday of Christmas. Go »

Worst Title Ever for a Magazine Interview with Rob Halford

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More Than Meets the Eye

Paramount is holding a contest in which one lucky fan will have their line of dialogue added to the upcoming Transformers movie, spoken in character by Optimus Prime. (link) I wonder if they'll take my submission: "I want these motherfucking Decepticons off this motherfucking plane!" Go »