Is it already the end of December? It feels like it's been three days since Thanksgiving. Between late nights at work, holiday parties, and shopping for the big day, this month has been a blur. Lord help me if I ever have a kid. :-P

I have a brand-new four-day weekend to enjoy, and three of those days are devoted to this site. One change won't be popular, but I'm also going to fix some things around here that need improvements, and I hope to put up some better goos than the scattershot ones that I barely managed to get up in the last few days. Stay tuned.

I'll say to you the non-holiday message I've been saying to everyone else: Have a wonderful long weekend.

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Jackie Mason | December 24, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | December 24, 2006
There are certain traditions that I'm happy to join, such as the trading of gifts and the taking of a day off from work. :-) Aimee Mann has a great new Christmas album out, but I bought it because it was a new Aimee Mann album.

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