This week's trainwreck of links.

Everything goes well with bacon.
I repeat, everything goes well with bacon.
Some really cool alarm clocks, one that involves bacon!
Superbowl commercial preview - Silent Pepsi and Justin Timberlake Pepsi.
From the "Just Drop That Anywhere" Dept.
How my cat got online and ordered these products, I may never know. Obey the Kitty!
Interesting compilation of the 25 Greatest Duets of All Time.
I can't tell if I'm more saddened by the journalistic stupidity displayed with this headline or that this is what constitutes news in my little corner of the country.
Stand-up of the week: John Pinette

Web Junkie

Steve West scours the Web searching for interest or absurdity and then shakes his head ruefully when he finds it. Read more »

Auntie Em! It's a Twister, It's a Twister!

What the wind blew in this week. According to this chart, Rambo V will have someone die in the first minute of the film and five deaths per minute following. It's official, Robin Williams has turned into a troll. Go »

I'd Pick The Kitty

This is supposedly a real newspaper clipping although I can find no reference to which paper it is and is therefore suspicious. I choose to believe it is real so I can enjoy the joke more. Go »

My Man-Crush On The Mickster Is Almost Over

How much nonsense can a guy overlook? Apparently, Mickey Rourke has found Jesus. Now, if he could only remember the church he was at so he could return him. Go »

David Blaine, Time Traveling Demon

Hilarious parody of David Blaine and his magic victims. Part I & Part II. Go »

What'd I Step In?

Things stuck to the bottom of my internet shoe. Things not to do while wearing briefs made of beef jerky. (Besides wearing briefs made of beef jerky) Venezuelans believe children should not watch The Simpsons, offer more wholesome fare instead. Go »

49 Out of 50 is Pretty Compelling

Forty-nine out of fifty states currently have snow on the ground from recent snowfalls. Guess which state is the only one without snow. That's right, Brenda. Go »