This week's trainwreck of links.

Everything goes well with bacon.
I repeat, everything goes well with bacon.
Some really cool alarm clocks, one that involves bacon!
Superbowl commercial preview - Silent Pepsi and Justin Timberlake Pepsi.
From the "Just Drop That Anywhere" Dept.
How my cat got online and ordered these products, I may never know. Obey the Kitty!
Interesting compilation of the 25 Greatest Duets of All Time.
I can't tell if I'm more saddened by the journalistic stupidity displayed with this headline or that this is what constitutes news in my little corner of the country.
Stand-up of the week: John Pinette

Web Junkie

Steve West scours the Web searching for interest or absurdity and then shakes his head ruefully when he finds it. Read more »

I Hate Dentists At Halloween

This list of the worst candies to give at halloween includes toothbrushes commonly given by dental professionals. My dentist when I was a kid not only gave out toothbrushes but floss and a stern lecture on the way out the door for me and my parents. Jerk. Go »

Never Volunteer, Dummy

Ever since seeing Anthony Hopkins in Magic, ventriloquists and their evil dummies have given me the creeps. This guy does as well but I laughed nonetheless. I think I could sit through his entire act but could never get past the queasiness and actually volunteer like this guy did. Go »

Halloween Post #1: Too Early For Halloween?

Yes, it's too early for Halloween. However, if you plan to order or make a Go »

Durante Made A Living With That Nose

I really wish it were talent alone that made actors succeed in Hollywood. But (big shocker) looks and "who knows whom" still co-reigns with ability. Some individuals succeed without perfect looks and even with somewhat flawed looks. Go »


As much as I admire the shadow creations, I know I wouldn't be able to stand having the pile of trash responsible sitting in the middle of my rec room. Seriously, how many have a "gallery" in their home. Go »

Bunch O' Stuff

Stuff that caught my eye this week. Selection of Marvel comics bloopers - check out #4 featuring Captain Barracuda. Interesting collection of literary tattoos. Go »