This week's trainwreck of links.

Everything goes well with bacon.
I repeat, everything goes well with bacon.
Some really cool alarm clocks, one that involves bacon!
Superbowl commercial preview - Silent Pepsi and Justin Timberlake Pepsi.
From the "Just Drop That Anywhere" Dept.
How my cat got online and ordered these products, I may never know. Obey the Kitty!
Interesting compilation of the 25 Greatest Duets of All Time.
I can't tell if I'm more saddened by the journalistic stupidity displayed with this headline or that this is what constitutes news in my little corner of the country.
Stand-up of the week: John Pinette

Web Junkie

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I'm Like Evander Holyfield Except With Two Entire Ears

Recent conversation with Brenda. Brenda: My aunt just had a birthday. She's 94. Go »

Halloween Post #3: Haunted Houses

Getting scared for the fun of it. What a concept. Sorry to say I can't fathom it in the least. Go »

Special Olympics 2011

"Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt." The Special Olympics motto still brings a tear to my eye. Go »

Just My Lucky Day, I Guess

Weekly shopping trips have been largely uneventful of late because of the absence of you know who, UOAS. She kind of startled me with her presence at the Safeway tonight and I wondered if God specifically was observing my sense of satisfaction over her MIA status. She noted my surprised expression and commented, "Long time no see!" Go »

Collection of Weird & Wonderful Links

Stuff I ran across while randomly surfing. Hilarious protest signs (most involving misspellings). First rule of Nacho Fight Club - Feel free to talk about Nacho Fight Club. Go »

Steve's Supermarket Adventure (Cont'd)

...Or The Further Foibles of Ugly On a Stick Tonight, at the Safeway, I encountered the same cashier as I do most Saturday nights. Ugly On a Stick. Go »