Recent conversation with Brenda:

me: (watching baseball) Do you realize how filthy professional baseball players are?

Brenda: Not first-hand, no.

me: Look at these guys. Spitting nut seeds all over the place, spitting tobacco juice anywhere they please, adjusting their cups constantly...

Brenda: Should they not adjust their cups?

me: I just wish there was a tasteful way to get the job done instead of everybody doing a Michael Jackson impersonation.

Brenda: I'm not sure Michael Jackson ever had a need to wear a cup, if you know what I'm saying.

Web Junkie

Steve West scours the Web searching for interest or absurdity and then shakes his head ruefully when he finds it. Read more »

Such As It Is...

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Where's the Luxury?

I'm sitting in a luxury suite at FedEx Field watching the Wahington Redskins play haplessly against the San Francisco 49ers. (Redskins missed FG) There's more cheering happening for SF than Washington which is typical lately. Dee Fence! Go »

Collection of Weird & Wonderful Links

Stuff I ran across while randomly surfing. Hilarious protest signs (most involving misspellings). First rule of Nacho Fight Club - Feel free to talk about Nacho Fight Club. Go »

I'd Pick The Kitty

This is supposedly a real newspaper clipping although I can find no reference to which paper it is and is therefore suspicious. I choose to believe it is real so I can enjoy the joke more. Go »

Homer Sings

Do-Re-Mi as sung by Homer Simpson DOh - The stuff that buys me beer. RAY - The guy that sells me beer. ME - The guy who drinks the beer. Go »

Christmas Post #5: For Those Just A Little Too Happy

I know a lot of happy people, I mean people that see humor in the Holocaust. I, myself, am generally a happy guy but not to that extent. A few of those people are on my Christmas list and will be receiving this stocking stuffer from me. Go »