There seems to be several different meanings to that phrase, these days especially.
Meaning 1) A teenage girl in Germany sold her virginity online to an Italian businessman for $18000. She had hoped to raise $100K for schooling, I think.
Meaning 2) Now the German government wants half of her proceeds because of the German law of 50% prostitution tax.
Meaning 3) Now if I understand the business correctly, that would make the German government her pimp. No doubt the taxman will be wearing leather pants and a hat with a feather.

Four Replies to Givin' It Up To The Man

Scott Hardie | May 23, 2009
Somewhere, Jay Leno is begging for another week on the Tonight Show to cover this.

Aaron Shurtleff | May 23, 2009
I think I just rofled...

Nope, just a lol. Phew!

Amy Austin | May 23, 2009
I find it really pitiful... on so many levels.

Tony Peters | May 23, 2009
I'm not sure about the cost here....I mean on the one hand it's sad that 18,000 is all that a woman's virtue is worth, on he other, I can't believe that someone feels that their virginity is worth that much

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