Pretty funny site devoted to pictures of children unhappy with being seated next to Santa. The hilarious aspect for me are the expressions on the faces of the Santas who are obviously thinking of everywhere else they'd rather be than here with this screaming little turd-dropper in their lap. Poor kids.

Three Replies to Christmas Post #14: Scared Of Santa

Amy Austin | November 28, 2007
"Poor kids", my ass! With the exception of number 119, my vote is for "Poor Santa" every time!!! (Do you think that one was Photoshopped???)

Most impressive are the Santas who manage to stay looking quite jolly in the face of the "category 5" screamers! (Of course, that *could* just mean that they were the most sadistic in the bunch... in which case, they *still* get my vote! ;-DDD) And they must use the heck out those hand-exerciser/grippie things to work on that "kung fu grip" needed to secure little bratty Dick & Jane!

Steve West | November 28, 2007
Doesn't look photoshopped to me. Takes all kinds, I guess.

Amy Austin | November 29, 2007
Doesn't to me, either, but damn... that's the only kid I don't blame! ;-D

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