This is just the coolest fountain. It may appear photoshopped but this actually has a pipe hidden within the water flow that supplies the water. I really have hopes that when I buy "Barbie's Dream House" (the euphemism my daughter and I use for our future house), a smaller version of this will be in my library.

Three Replies to I Tap My Magic Wand

Kelly Hardie | September 18, 2007
Yeah they had one of those every year at the local fair, and i figured out pretty quick that it's just a clear pipe along the's cool though.

Amy Austin | September 18, 2007
You can have that if you buy a Ripley's BION museum to live in... they come with one (at least, I know the one in St. Augustine does)! ;-)

Kelly Hardie | September 18, 2007
It woudl be really simple to do. Basically, a source of water, a pond, a barrel, etc. A powerful pump, a clear tube, and something that looks like a faucet. I could make that in under a week.

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