I normall don't publicize my life, but apparently the Makers Mark is making me chatty tonight.

We have a 7 month old minature schnauzer who the family has become very attached too, so much so that my parents go to my house daily to "rescue" her from her kennel. They have all the joys of having a dog without the burden. I don't mind it is good for the dog and for my parents, especially my dad who doesn't attach easily to anything really. Well we are in vacation visiting my wife's family in San Diego, we decided to drive due to the ridiculous price of plane tickets and the fact that we could bring the dog along and not have to burden anyone else in the family. Since we have family that we can stay with along the drive it was a pretty easy decision to make. The first couple of days we were here everything was cool, then Tuesday morning our normally bouncy dog woke up and was carrying her right leg as she walked. We chalked it up to stiffness from the ride, and just the stress of it all, but as the day wore on she would randomly plop down and struggle getting up. I called my vet in IL and he suggested low dose asprin twice daily to relieve the soreness. Wed morning my wife got up with the dog and took her outside, she was very energetic and playful and then her back legs gave out suddenly.

We called a local vet recommended by family and were able to get her in right away for observation, after a few hours we received a call that she was severely constipated but doing better after working on her. But they drew blood to make sure that all is well.

This afternoon I received a call from the vet telling me my dog probably has a liver issue that she was born with. We have to take her in next week for further blood tests to try and narrow it down.

At this point I'm really starting to hate December. It seems like bad news always comes around the Holidays. It sucks.

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Jackie Mason | December 24, 2010
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Scott Hardie | December 24, 2010
Sorry to hear it, Dave. Talk about the "burden" of owning a pet. She's done some good for you and your family, and now you get to do some for her, on this holiday of all holidays. I wish you all the best.

Steve West | December 24, 2010
Wow! Hope you get good news.

Amy Austin | December 24, 2010
I'm so sorry, Dave -- I'm sure you must already know that you have my complete empathy with this. I know (all too well) what kind of heartache pet problems can put you through, and I hope that things will improve for all of you very soon.

Not to hijack or detract, but speaking of such heartaches... just two nights ago, my two troublemakers decided to get out of the fenced back yard (first time for Devil since her loss of mobility incident in June), and they were missing for hours -- the longest time ever. What made it even more gut-wrenching for me was the fact that I now live between a big swamp on one side (with gators) and a major road on the other (with 45+mph traffic) and that it happened right before dark, making it impossible to track them down through the woods that they most likely went into -- all I could do (after hours of asking neighbors, reporting them missing, and hiking/driving around as much as I was able to) was wait and hope for their return, while feeling completely heartsick about the long night ahead without them. Thankfully, they did come back before midnight... looking every bit having been lost in a swamp for hours -- it took an hour and a half to bathe (scrub!) and pull ticks (one of which left the scary bullseye mark that had me worried about Lyme, too!). All in all, I was so grateful to have them back that I couldn't even scold them... and they have gotten more affection than ever these last two days (but very little outside time until I can get my electric line up!).

I, too, feel no joyous affinity with "the Holidays"... but my hope for you, Dave, is that you and your family will very soon get to experience the same happy rush of relief and gratitude for your puppy's life. Try to have a Merry Christmas in spite of it all.

Dave Stoppenhagen | December 26, 2010
Thank you all for your well wishes. After converting her to her liver diet she seems to be getting some energy back and last night even tried to play. I have to take her in again tohe right dietmorrow morning for more blood draw to determine exactly what is going on with her. Hopefully with the proper diet she will be ok. Hopefully it won't mean surgery for her unless it will completely correct the issue. I will let you all know what happens.

I am relieved to hear that both of yours came back safe Amy.

Addison is still young so it is hard for her to remember that she isn't feeling good she just likes to love on Tiana and carry her around. And Tiana puts up with it very well but now she has less tolerance for it.

Lori Lancaster | December 27, 2010
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Amy Austin | December 28, 2010
Me, too!

Dave Stoppenhagen | January 3, 2011
So I meant to update a while ago, Tiana is doing much better after changing her diet. I had to have her in last Monday for more blood work and her numbers came back more normal than abnormal. Which means that it is not a congenitive shunt. I have to wait to get back to IL to find out more from my vet. So good news. Have a good one all

Tony Peters | January 4, 2011
good news, I can imagine the heartache of seeing your furperson in pain

Scott Hardie | January 4, 2011
Glad to hear it, Dave. You too.

Amy Austin | January 4, 2011
So glad -- thanks for the update.

Happy anniversary!

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