OK one of the more enjoyable part of my job is the fact that I get to drive overseas. Part of this is due to the fact that I have had an international diving permit for 7 years now and another part is that I am actually used to driving on the wrong side of the road. (3 years in Japan). Cyprus is such a place where experience on the wrong side of the road helps (yet another former British colony). What's cool about Cyprus is that about every few miles you can see a something that is at least 1000 years old. I saw the ruins of Aphrodite's birthplace and a temple to marriage (in complete ruins). We drove by a Crusades era fort for 5 days before we broke down and went through it, it was cool but the grounds were cooler. The only real bummer of Cyprus was the POS Suzuki Grand Vitara that Avis rented me...I was actually scared that it would fall apart on me. My second visit on this trip was to southwestern Spain specifically the area of Jerez/Cadiz/Rota and the car was an Audi A4Avanti 3.0TDI quite possibly the funnest rental I have ever had, and the roads? Well not as fun to drive as say Italian roads but fun none the less and the car only made it more enjoyable. We drove all over just to explore and kill time during siesta. I bought Port from Portugal (OK so just over the border) and Sherry from the Tio Pepe' Bodega in Jerez (this was very cool). Sadly no Bullfights or I would have gone to see one but maybe next time.

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Lori Lancaster | January 16, 2007
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Tony Peters | January 17, 2007
actually a bunch in Spain and a few of the castle in Cyprus...I've been slow in getting my photos edited


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the next grand adventure..........

as a retired sailor I really thought nothing of deploying and leaving my wife with the cats and dog at home while I went off to fight wars, fix submarines and otherwise earn a living.......now the shoe is on the other foot. I am in school fulltime taking care of the cats, the dog the house and whatever else pops up while my wife and best friend moves to DC to take her dream job. Go »

I miss the piazza

well after 22 hours in transit I have returned from Sardinia to the land of really bad Capoccino. I spent my birthday (Saturday) sitting in the Piazza in La Maddalena drinking Capoccino...there really isn't any comparision to the wonderful sense of relaxation that I felt there. Go »

I am not your baby sitter

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OK so since the summer my creative obsession has been growing. It started in my drawing 2 class with a professor who would turn out to be the man who has completely changed how I both look at and create art, Ben Anderson is an interesting man The first serious piece of the semester was Morf, a Gargoyle I created using mostly found metal from a local bike shop (I have taken to visiting on a weekly basis to acquire additional materials....Morf was the first time I have had a piece of art that I am woking to create completely dominate my thoughts. Go »

post pain pump

spending nearly a day on a Morphine pump was great but, it did little to prepare me for being out of the hospital or for that matter give me any idea just how much pain I was going to be in. Before I left the hospital my wife (who is a Nurse, the Pain Management Nurse at the hospital and I worked out this plan for the meds I was gonna need over this 1st week of my recovery...well that slowly disintegrated yesterday afternoon and by midnight I was in tears while my GSP sat with me licking my face...2 Go »

animals are family

one of our cats, Sketch was diagnosed with CHF (congestive heart failure) on Friday we spent the weekend at the the animal hospital before bringing her home late sunday night. Her Condition has been mixxed since though we hope for the best. Her heart seems to be OK and her lungs are free of fluid but she got severely dehydrated which has really messed up her digestive track. Go »