OK so since the summer my creative obsession has been growing. It started in my drawing 2 class with a professor who would turn out to be the man who has completely changed how I both look at and create art, Ben Anderson is an interesting man

The first serious piece of the semester was Morf, a Gargoyle I created using mostly found metal from a local bike shop (I have taken to visiting on a weekly basis to acquire additional materials....Morf was the first time I have had a piece of art that I am woking to create completely dominate my thoughts. It was awesome though completely exhausting. He still needs painting but he's essentially finished here

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when I finished Morf, Ben asked me how I would show him.....lot of Ideas flashed in my head but oddly this shape replaced the obsession that had so completely dominated my thoughts for the previous month....I knew almost immediately how I was going to create it. I started with a piece of Maple board, cut it into pieces and glued it into a form that I eventually shaped into what is here. Its based on some photos I took of a friend who works for Cirque du Soleil skateboarding.

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I still need to sand it smooth, finish it and make a base (concrete and metal I think) but I was amazed at how well I was able to translate the shape I had in mind to wood....I gotta thank my new favorite tool though saves so much time compared to when I used to used a wood rasp
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Scott Hardie | November 28, 2010
I've been admiring Morf from your profile photo. You're doing nice work. Keep it up. :-)


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