Rather than clog the TC Board with things that mostly interest me exclusively, this seemed a more appropriate avenue. I'll probably post something nearly every day as I'm online daily just surfin' & lookin' for weird stuff. For example, how else would I have ever known of these products if I hadn't seen them using "strange" in a search string? What did I do before the net? Bugged the shit out of my wife with crap in the newspaper. Now it's with crap I find on the net. Now it's your turn.

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Scott Hardie | August 12, 2007
Steve, I really appreciate all the contributions you've made lately, and I hope to keep reading more strange links from you. However, if you're doing it to get more R$, and there's nothing wrong with it if you are, that's probably going to go away shortly.

Amy Austin | August 12, 2007
Cool! Thanks for saving me the trouble of surfing to find more from the world of the BizarreNetBazaar, Steve!!!

Steve West | August 12, 2007
Been meaning to be more contributive and the R$ was what finally pushed me over the edge, so to speak. But removing that won't keep me from this blog. I meant what I said about sharing maybe a link a day and not crowding TC. It's fun for me to share the weird crap I encounter. Will truthfully be sad about the R$'s going away for it though.

Amy Austin | August 12, 2007
Yeah, me too... and in no small part because some otherwise really quiet folks have been a bit more active, too (Denise!) -- it isn't *all* about the money! (Just mostly... ;-D)

Jackie Mason | August 12, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | August 14, 2007
Yessss!!! I will shortly have a radio toaster on its way to my house... just what my kitchen needs, I do think!

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