As though I don't look bad enough for sharing information on my lame celebrity crushes, here's a real-life one, albeit a really old one.

I'd forgotten that his full name was in the movie we watched the other day and maybe hearing his name was what got me started on this nostalgic path. He's got a common name. I'm a stalker by nature. I assure you, if Scott Hardie had stopped talking to me 10 or so years ago (in other words, shortly after starting talking to me) I would probably be stalking him now, reading this web page every so often and yet never commenting. That's what I do. I get bored. Anyway, I googled my old crush's name and school and managed to find him for the first time since college. I found his resume. This kid has a resume a mile long... he was last sighted in a post-doctoral position in Paris. This is the kind of resume my college professors wanted me to have, I am sure. But I have to say I'm better off *not* being a career academic. I've lucked into this situation where I can actually survive without being miserable and I think that is better for me. On the bottom of the resume it listed the program I first met him at in 1994, so it's definitely the right guy... No I wouldn't contact him, don't be ridiculous... Yet a sin in thought is as bad as a sin in deed, right? I am not religious so I wouldn't know :P He seems to be married and I found some pictures.

I couldn't help but wonder if I've ever crossed his mind. Probably not, the coincidence of our meeting 3 times in 3 different states is probably not such a coincidence to him. He'd be pretty freaked out if he knew I even remembered him. My college roommate thought I was crazy for still thinking of him freshman year of college. After all, I only had lunch with the dude once. But it was the first thing I ever had that could remotely be considered a date.

I guess if you were to read the lyrics the title refers to, this post would come across even more creepy than it is ;) Darrell claimed he didn't mind that I looked this guy up. Darrell claims only guys can be creepy, not girls, but I maintain that I qualify :P

Three Replies to Ghost of an Unkissed Kiss

Lori Lancaster | June 17, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | June 18, 2008
It's not like I make it hard for people to stalk me. :-P

Anyway, nothing wrong with Googling old acquaintances, even ones barely known; people do it all the time. If there isn't a word for the disappointment one feels when they Google an old acquaintance and find nothing but strangers with the same name, we should invent one.

Jackie Mason | June 19, 2008
[hidden by author request]

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