So, we all know I am a little juvenile for my age. We went and purchased some Beanboozled jelly beans a while back - the box comes with a mix of good flavors and disgusting flavors but you can't tell the difference until you eat them because the color is the same. I was apprehensive but most of the flavors I tried were really not that bad. It's odd since when I was in high school I once got an extreme gag reflex from a Jelly Belly cantaloupe jelly bean ( I don't even especially dislike actual cantaloupe). But now I tried vomit (very subtle and so sweet you don't realize it's vomit flavored until later), skunk (again very subtle, just sweet with a bitter slightly skunky tang that could almost be confused for coffee flavor) and baby wipes (actually rather fresh and delicious-tasting in my opinion). According to some reviews, they have toned down the vomit flavor recently. Apparently it used to cause people to actually vomit when they tried it. Luckily for me, it just wasn't that bad. Then the other day I got one that was rotten egg flavor - that is the only one I had that was actually *bad*. Still there was this weird sensation going on because half of your mind thinks you are tasting something sweet and delicious and the other half is this putrid sulfurous sensation. I managed to get it down. The only disgusting flavor that may yet be left in the box is moldy cheese - Darrell says it is pretty bad but I guess I am going to have to try it eventually. I am kind of proud of myself that I was tough enough to try these flavors without it bothering me too much.

Also I am now working on the Half Life 2 Orange Box video game. I'm not normally super into killing things but since it was supposedly the "best deal in video game history" at 3 times the price I figured I should give it a chance and so far I kinda like it. The only problem is it does give me some pretty bad motion sickness. If I played Half Life 2 whilst eating a rotten egg jelly bean I suppose I just might vomit :-P. Luckily I did not try these two things in combination.

Four Replies to Gross jelly beans

Amy Austin | December 4, 2009
LOL... awesome!

Steve West | December 4, 2009
Those sound kinda cool. Kinda. My jelly bean brand would have pet goldfish flavor. And soggy cigar butts.

Tony Peters | December 4, 2009
Half life is by far my favorite vide game after Halo....

Scott Hardie | December 10, 2009
Reminds me of the silly candies in the Harry Potter stories.

Reagan liked them too. Maybe not vomit flavor, though.

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