We found a big 1.75 liter bottle of Absolut Apeach for $10 ... We didn't realize what a great special this was until we saw that the little 0.75 L bottles of the same stuff were going for $21. Then we absolutely had to have it. It's good stuff. A bit of a weird flavor straight but we mixed it with pink lemonade and it was absolutely delicious, no alcohol flavor at all. It's very peachy and not too sweet and it's 40% alcohol which is nice.

Also since seeing an ad on Yahoo mail for Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper, we felt the need to try some. We didn't find any at the first 2 grocery stores we tried but the third one, jackpot. Ok this was *not* on special but after the great find with the peach vodka I was feeling magnanimous so we got a 12-pack of the chocolatey stuff. It's kinda good, kinda weird... It tastes like chocolate cake.

I've never seen such crazy liquor specials except at this one liquor store. It's the same one where we found various little bottles (250 mL to 400 mL) of Creme de Menthe and Aristocrat gin and other things for $1 and $2, a few months back. It's so fun trying all that stuff. A quick google search revealed that my opinion is absolutely insane, but I actually liked the strong pine tree flavor of the Aristocrat gin. :P

I still hate beer though :P Can't understand why that seems to be the most popular alcoholic beverage.

Ooh also we're facing a bit of a mystery. Here I am online on dialup and things are working fine but our phones aren't working when I'm offline. The cordless one says "No connection to base", it thinks we have taken the phone and walked around the block so it can't commmunicate with the base or something. The other phones don't work either. Maybe some genius will tell me what to do before I finish puttering around online here. :P

EDIT: I figured it out, I just unplugged and took the battery out and put it back in and now it recognizes the phone :P

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Jackie Mason | February 10, 2008
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