We got some pretty scary masks at KMart. Darrin went as a "Crypt Creature" and Darrell went as a werewolf. That is actually me in the skeleton mask but you'd never guess from this picture.

Werewolf and son. Darrell opened the door for the trick or treaters like this. He only made one baby cry but he kind of freaked out a preteen girl, too. I had warned him that making children cry might be a problem!!

We went to two Halloween parties over the weekend. I didn't have a mask, I went as a lumberjack with a makeup beard. Of course I was just about the only female not to go as something sexy. Hehe. I make a pretty convincing man I guess. Nobody knew me at the parties as one was thrown by Darrin's friend and another by Darrin's professor. One of the professors at the party said he was a bit freaked out by what he thought was a "very gay" couple (me and Darrell). I mean I was bored by not knowing anyone so I cuddled up to Darrell. Well, they deserve to be freaked out. I saw some people do a double take when I wandered into the light. They were probably thinking, "Wait, why is that guy wearing a fake beard?"

(I'm 6'1" and I had on a huge flannel shirt)


OK, this one is a pretty lame picture, but this is Darrell as a girl werewolf and me as a lumberjack. (He went as a boy werewolf the day we were mistaken for a gay couple.)

Seven Replies to Halloween

Denise Sawicki | November 3, 2006
People don't wanna say that I look like a man or that I don't because they don't know which will offend me more :)

I wouldn't go out dressed like that if I was going to be sensitive about such comments. The puppy is cute though!!

Jackie Mason | November 5, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | December 3, 2006
Good costumes, Denise. And good for you for enjoying freaking people out a little. :-)

Amy Austin | December 20, 2006
HAHAHA -- that is hilarious! (Well, i know I'm a little behind on blog responses, but... it's still funny.)

I heard that somewhere, too, Jackie... (and it makes me a little ashamed of Halloweens past!) However, now that I am a fattie again, I doubt that I will be participating in that trend anytime soon -- I'm afraid that if I were to dress as a lumberjack, people might not even question my "gayness"!!! (Though were the party to commence on a Wednesday, and I had buttered scones and some pressed wildflowers with me, I might be okay. ;-D)

Denise Sawicki | December 23, 2006
Your joke totally went over my head, Amy. Anyhow, one would think being unmistakably female was a good thing :). erm, unless you're saying you'd definitely be perceived as gay. I'm confused. Anyhow, I'm sure you'd be perfectly lovely in whatever costume you'd wear...

Amy Austin | December 31, 2006
Hehehe... Which joke, Denise -- there were a couple! ;-) (See lyrics to "Lumberjack Song", a Monty Python tune.) The other part was that since I am a female of rather masculine stature, I am afraid that I might not be recognized as female, either... and only gay if I were! (Heh -- it does get to sounding confusing, doesn't it?!)

Denise Sawicki | January 2, 2007
The song clears things up... a little. :-) I don't get why 5'7" would be "masculine stature", technically it's taller than average but seems plenty petite to me :)

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