So, It seems like our frequent thunderstorms have programmed me to become wide awake at bizarre times even when there isn't a storm. I am definitely going back to bed. First I wanted to comment on a strange trend in anime. I have not watched all that much anime, but something weird always seems to happen to people's arms. I will try to avoid spoilers for anyone who cares by just using generic words such as "someone"...

Someone borrows or steals someone else's arm and uses it as if it were their own:

-Fullmetal Alchemist (two important cases)

Someone has a mechanical arm:

-Fullmetal Alchemist
-Trigun (frankly I don't know if they are animal, vegetable, or mineral but "mechanical" seems to describe the arms in question reasonably well)
-Cowboy Bebop
-Gankutsuou (Someone's arm seems to be composed of a canister containing a special pen. There is no word as to why or how this is the case)

Not *as* weird, but someone loses an arm:

Most of the above, plus:
-Le Chevalier D'Eon

In contrast, anime I have seen in which I can't remember anything weird happening to anyone's arms:

-Evangelion (there is a leg lost)
-Eden of the East
-Fruits Basket (something weird happens to people's entire bodies but it's not specifically about their arms except for the hugging bit)

Two Replies to Armplay

Scott Hardie | July 24, 2011
For some reason I'm reminded of the game Final Fantasy VII, as steeped in anime influence as any other in the series, in which a character has his severed hand replaced by a machine gun. The weapon has a life of its own, sometimes firing when he gets angry, which he seems to be often. It never runs out of ammunition or needs to be reloaded, and indeed there isn't even a place to insert bullets; it just has an endless supply. Even in a fantasy game, the implausibility of that hand-gun always bugged me. But, this is a game where an entire town transforms into a cannon, so I probably shouldn't overthink this.

Denise Sawicki | July 25, 2011
Hand-gun, I love it... Maybe he gets a lot of iron in his diet.

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Over the weekend we went to Mills Fleet Farm to pick up the specific present my dad wanted for his birthday. I doubt you have the Fleet Farm in the more "civilized" parts of the world but it is a bit like a Walmart with the addition of things like calf medicine, saddles, fence posts, and a huge amount of hardware, machinery, building supplies, etc. I mostly stick to the more Walmart-like areas of the store, except for that one time when I built a fence :). Go »

More weather and anime

So the flood is on its way out, but not without bringing a little excitement. It was time yesterday to go 50 miles to the farm for Darrell's grandma's 90th birthday. Foolishly, I chose our usual route instead of the alternate route that was high and dry 2 years ago when the water was 2 feet higher. Go »

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