Russ Wilhelm won this round on March 31, 2023. There were 31 goos.

Players this round: Russ Wilhelm (29 goos solved), Steve West (27 goos solved, a perfect score), LaVonne Lemler (21 goos solved), Richard Slominsky (15 goos solved), Scott Hardie (6 goos solved), and Erik Bates (3 goos solved).

Jimmy Choo

This British-based fashion designer is primarily associated with a particular article of clothing, and it rhymes with his last name. Go »

Justin Roiland

He parlayed a brief parody of The Cosby Show into a long-running parody of Back to the Future. Go »

Stephanie Leigh Rose

A selfie at a landmark is more meaningful to this artist because she's dead. Go »

Joseph Weizenbaum

A computer scientist from Germany who created ELIZA, the first natural language processing computer program, in the mid-1960s at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Go »

Morgan Wallen

What makes him so dangerous? It might be that he was too drunk and disorderly for Kid Rock, and too rule-breaking and unsafe for Saturday Night Live. Go »

Deidre Pujols

Being that this was the wife of the Cardinals 1B/DH, the doctors wanted to pick her brain to find out what the problem was. They found out and the surgery was a success. Go »

Kane Hodder

This Californian might not spawn on every 13th, but is number 7 in monster movies. Go »

Mikaela Shiffrin

Her latest world championship win makes her the most successful athlete in her sport since the 1930s, and it seems impossible for her winning streak to go downhill. Go »

Tan France

This Netflix-based fashion designer is primarily associated with tucking shirts into a particular article of clothing, and it rhymes with his last name. Go »

Michelle Zauner

Her memoir about crying over the death of her Korean mother propelled this front-woman of a Japanese band to international acclaim well beyond her native America. Go »

Robin Wright

If playing the roles of a princess, a hippie, and a first lady was wrong, she doesn't want to be right. Go »


Despite her noted preference to be loved like a virgin, none of her six children are known to be Christ. Go »

Chris Penn

Before his death at 40, this character actor was known for playing criminals in such movies as Reservoir Dogs, Rush Hour, Imaginary Crimes, and Corky Romano. Go »

Aimee Mann

Her voice has carried her across a long-shot solo career after a 2000 Oscar nominee about flowers saved her. Go »

Vincent D'Onofrio

He's been an insectoid alien, a failing Army private, a Jurassic head of security, a Dick Wolf cop, and a Marvel criminal. Go »

Dylan Penn

She had quite a gap year after college, embarking on a modeling and acting career that took her from a condemned apartment building to the White House. Go »

Christopher Ciccone

Life with his blonde and ambitious sister was strained while he worked as her dancer, designer, decorator, and director. Go »

Josef Aigner

This craftsman left post-war Germany to settle in Canada creating his outsized masterpieces, once monuments to illiteracy. Go »

John Larroquette

He's currently back on TV playing the lascivious lawyer who became his most popular and Emmy-winning character. No, not the lawyer he played on The Practice. And no, not the other lawyer that he played on Boston Legal. And definitely not the lawyer that he played in the McBride TV movies. Go »

Lusia Harris

This three-time college national champion and Olympic medalist seemed certain to become an NBA star after being drafted by the New Orleans Jazz in 1977, but the athlete's reason for refusing to join the team or attend training camp soon made sense: Pregnancy. Go »

Richard Hellmann

What in the hell is up with this German businessman trying to sell product to grocery stores in the middle of May? Oh man! Go »

Jaime Pressly

Her name is unusually spelled, but Emmy voters figured out how to write it down. (Her three kids just call her Mom.) Go »

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

This actor is Irish, but his roles have included the Transylvanian vampire Dracula, the American entertainer Elvis Presley, the British monarch Henry VIII, a German Nazi officer in Norway, an Israeli spy in Germany, a Macedonian king, and an English warrior bishop. Go »

Luke Wilson

This Texan younger brother has been part of a royal family of actors frequently cast by Wes Anderson since their 1996 debut together. Go »

Margaret Cirko

You should give me 35,000 reasons why this prankster should not be charged with poisoning tomatoes, carrots, bananas, and blueberries. Go »

Steven Matz

Have you ever met this pitcher? I have, right before he dropped his number 32 to go to the Cardinals so he can walk all over them like door Mats. Go »

Kliff Kingsbury

This Texas Tech alum failed to coach the Cardinals into accomplishing what he did with the Patriots. Who's the king? Go »

Peter Minshall

This bird costume is beautiful, but what's that thing and its non-stop flailing? Go »

Christian Bolok

This police chief was looking for crowds but in the moment was killed by cocks. Go »

Larry Tesler

Too bad we couldn't copy and paste him before he died. Go »

Grace VanderWaal

Starting a career in singing? Maybe clearly it's just the beginning of being famous. Try not running into a wall at the end. Go »