publication date: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 (part of Fall 2013)

category: Journalism

clue: There was something sour in the analogy about her "tarting up" the CBS Evening News.

explanation: When Couric was hired as the first female solo anchor of a network newscast, an executive made controversy by accusing CBS of only hiring her to "tart up" the show. more…

solved by: Russ Wilhelm, Steve West, LaVonne Lemler, Samir Mehta, Chris Lemler, Richard Slominsky, Justin Woods, Matthew Preston, Denise Sawicki, Joanna Woods, Mike Rothstein, and Steve Dunn

Hit Me with the Digits: Even the most upstanding of citizens can lose their temper. Heads of state, children's entertainers, and more unlikely offenders have been photographed flashing the rudest digit in public. Here are five fingers you wouldn't expect to see upraised.

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