Evie Totty: “It was ok.”

When you see Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis in trailers for a movie - you think it's a comedy. When you see little people being scooped up with spatulas - you think it's a comedy. When you see NPH making a pitch to live in a particular downsized city - you think it's a comedy.

This movie had so much potential as a comedy... but it wasn't!

Well. It's not. It's kind of all over the place really. It's a little about heartbreak, a little about finding love again (but you don't really see that happening other than a lotion application) and a little bit about the environment (the reason for downsizing in the first place) but even that was pretty vague.

Kinda wished I'd left after Greatest Showman and watched Glitch instead lol.

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Scott Hardie: Ugh, trailers for dramas that deliberately sell them as comedies are the worst. I have had too many movies ruined by the wrong expecations. − December 29, 2017 • more by Scott

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