Kong: Skull Island
When a team of scientists sets out to survey a remote Pacific island, they're unaware that they're intruding on the home of legendary giant ape King Kong. But after Kong discovers their presence, the expedition becomes a harrowing fight for survival.

Samir Mehta: “It ruled.”

I have a terrific soft spot for King Kong films, and this is a very strong successor to the fantabulous Peter Jackson reboot - placing the Kong encounter squarely at the end of the Vietnam War, the movie juggles war weariness with themes of ecology and pacificism. And, stealing the show is a fantastic performance from John C. Reilly with a character that needs to be seen.

If you like the tone of the Planet of the Apes reboot, this may be intriguing to you - quite different, but similarly inquiring about the nature of man and animals.

− December 2, 2017 • more by Samirlog in or create an account to reply

Scott Hardie: I am pleased to learn that there's more going on in this movie than just giant monsters smashing stuff, which sure is what it seemed like from the marketing. :-) − December 3, 2017 • more by Scott

Evie Totty: I need to try to get this in 'before the end of the year' lol. I have a friend who loved it so much she saw it twice − December 30, 2017 • more by Evie

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