Olympus Has Fallen
Director Antoine Fuqua's action thriller stars Gerard Butler as a disgraced Secret Service agent who must come to the rescue when Korean terrorists descend on the White House and take the president hostage.

Chris Lemler: “It ruled.”

This was a great movie. All the action in there movie. Morgan Freeman played a great role as the Speaker. Then he took over the president job after the president was kidnapped also played the role excellent. You want action you will get action. I recommend this movie if you haven't seen it yet.

− April 6, 2013 • more by Chrislog in or create an account to reply

Scott Hardie: It sounds like fun! With North Korea all over the news, they couldn't have chosen better timing to release this movie. − April 6, 2013 • more by Scott

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Erik Bates: “It was ok.”

Jamie Foxx was superb, as.... wait, this isn't White House Down? Actually, I prefer this version of events over White House Down on a pure casting level - Freeman, Butler, Eckhart. Much, much, much better combo than Tatum and Foxx.

− December 9, 2013 • more by Eriklog in or create an account to reply

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