Evie Totty: “It ruled.”

OH my god - this is Empire Strikes Back good. Saving Private Ryan in space.

I knew what was going to happen to the main characters going into it - they tell us in Star Wars so not really a spoiler folks.

I loved that it answered a question fanboys - like myself - have been complaining about for nearly 40 years. The diversity of the group was welcome and the myriad of species shown was reminiscent of the Original.

As of this writing I've seen Rogue One twice. And I believe I cried harder the second time. I wish I could describe how good the movie is as well as Scott could do. All I have to say is every Star Wars fan will be more than pleased and if you weren't a SW fan before... you should be after seeing this film.

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Erik Bates: “It ruled.”

Fantastic movie, and quite honestly, it's nice to have a stand-alone movie in the middle that isn't going to be part of a trilogy. This was truly Episode 3.5 -- an interlude to tie Episodes III and IV together.

Well, that may not be completely true. There was clearly several years between Episdode III and Rogue One, so this wasn't exactly a complete connector, but it was definitely a strong lead-in.

My only complaints: some of the "Easter Egg" references seemed a little shoe-horned in. Some of the hard-core fans may appreciate it, but some of it I felt was just wedged in there needlessly. Also, Governor / Grand Moff Tarkin, while understandably CGI, looked CGI. It's as if the animators, in an effort to make his movements and mannerisms look more human, actually tried so hard that it had the opposite effect to my eyes.

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Evie Totty: I actually thought they did a fantastic job - except for the mouth. But then again - I knew he was animated so I concentrated on that. The wrinkles and hair though - superb! − January 1, 2017 • more by Evie

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Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

A vast fortune was spent on design, sets, costumes, pyrotechnics, and CGI, and all I can manage is a shrug and a "meh." Maybe it's because I'm not terribly into Star Wars (I barely remember the stolen-Death-Star-plans backstory of the original film), but I found it hard to care about these quickly-sketched-out characters or to find their cause stirring. Some of the action scenes are beautifully shot, including a long take of rebel ships flying between spokes of a circular base and various shots of ships battling in the air over a tropical archipelago, but when the camera gets up close, the action becomes a little hard to follow. I have no idea how much the movie's infamous reshoots softened its tone, but the humor is welcome amidst so much super-serious political chatter. This is a maybe-see for non-fans like myself.

− January 14, 2017 • more by Scottlog in or create an account to reply

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