The Host
When an alien race implants a parasite soul named Wanderer into Melanie Stryder's body, she resists the takeover. Soon, Melanie and Wanderer become reluctant allies as they go on a quest to track down the men they love in this sci-fi thriller.

Erik Bates: “It was ok.”

Sometimes, the unconventional teenage sci-fi love story might turn out to be the next Hunger Games, or, if you're looking at the artwork, the next Revolution. Turns out, it's just another generic, predictable film. Nothing terrible about it, just nothing outstanding.

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Scott Hardie: I know nothing about Divergent, but its poster screams desperation to become the next hit YA adaptation, just like The Host tried and failed to be. (The poster also screams "look at her ass," which is still sadly common.) − December 23, 2013 • more by Scott

Evie Totty: Scott: The Host is a standalone book and was supposed to be for adults, though I admit Hollywood could of course expand beyond the existing 'universe'. − January 7, 2014 • more by Evie

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