Scott Horowitz | January 10, 2005
So far my 2005 isn't turning out to be that grand. I blew up a motherboard on my new computer because of stupidity, and my friend (who shall remain nameless), wait I'll give him a pseudonym, we'll call him David M. err how about D. Mitzman? yeah, that'll do, no one will be able to figure that out. Well, he had a little too much to drink this weekend and threw up on my cell phone, wallet, shoes, coat, watch and ring. I had to get a new cell phone. I hope it doesn't get much worse. Anyone else's year sucking so far?

John E Gunter | January 10, 2005
To early in the year for me to make that determination. But 2004 went out with a bang, well maybe more like a sizzle.

See on Dec 22nd, the powersupply on my gaming computer fried my motherboard. Hopefully, the drives, video, sound and lan cards are ok though. That doesn't leave me completely computer less, but it was the faster of the two. So now I'm stuck using my 450 mhz Dell.

Beyond that, the year isn't too bad.


Anna Gregoline | January 10, 2005
This year - I've been sick twice, there was another break-in in our apartment building, the water main is busted so that we can't use the shower effectively and have to boil all water, I have money problems, and last night the cat bit me.

It's swell so far.

Kris Weberg | January 10, 2005
I got the flu for Christmas, my grandfather died, my furnace quit in the middle of winter, and there's a leak in the bathroom.

Scott Hardie | January 10, 2005
Scott: I bet the guy who threw up on your phone was Steve Elliser. Am I right?

E. M. | January 11, 2005
[hidden by request]

David Mitzman | January 11, 2005
i bow my head in shame, but I must say that I vomited on nobody elses stuff!

John E Gunter | January 11, 2005
Target acquisition and precision of the shot is always a plus though.


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