Anna Gregoline | February 2, 2005
I would just like to say that with this post, I have officially for the first time surpassed Scott as the most prolific author ever on TC.


Jackie Mason | February 2, 2005
[hidden by request]

Erik Bates | February 2, 2005
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | February 2, 2005

Kris Weberg | February 3, 2005
Is this a sign of the Apocalypse.

Anna Gregoline | February 3, 2005
Oh geez, I hope not.

Kris Weberg | February 3, 2005
I like horsies, dammit! Come on end of the world!!!

Scott Hardie | February 3, 2005
Finally. Now I can mention someday ending TC or getting rid of the post counts, without being accused of only being scared that Anna was going to pass me.

Congrats, sister.

Kris Weberg | February 3, 2005
Bah. You're just scared that I'll pass Anna.

Anna Gregoline | February 3, 2005
Took a fair bit longer than you thought, eh Scott? He predicted I'd pass him in late summer of last year.

John E Gunter | February 3, 2005
Only way you'd be able to pass either one Kris, would be to split your posts up into multiple parts. Not that you don't post, but you usually write a big long post and get your point across with that. That is, unless someone is arguing with you. :-D


Kris Weberg | February 3, 2005
Actually, considering that I was the third active author on the site, I'm among the least prolific posters here.

Scott Hardie | February 8, 2005
I think John is on to something. Stricken with curiosity, I wrote a quick script to count how many words each author had written, and the results do not correlate with the highest-comment-count list. See for yourself at the bottom of the Introduction: (link)

Apparently, even though Anna and I are virtually tied for comment counts, I have written three times as much text as she has. So now who seems to be turning TC into a chat room? (Just kidding, Anna. ;-)  )

The only glaring omission is the man who got me wondering about this in the first place. John Gunter has written 46,842 words as of now, but didn't even crack the top ten. I guess this shows how much he believes in putting all of your thoughts into one single comment. Then again, approximately 8,900 of those words are "John." :-)

(Note: This script makes the Introduction slow to load, so I probably won't leave it up for more than a few days.)

On another note: How did the vocabulary of TC shift recently? Is it just the new authors? This page is a "discussion," not a "thread." What I'm typing is a "comment," not a "post." I don't necessarily mind people calling each by a term they prefer; I just wonder how this new vocabulary has become so widespread, since it definitely didn't come from me and it hasn't been around for long.

Scott Hardie | February 8, 2005
Clarification: The "proper" terms are discussion and comment. Instead they have recently been called thread and post. I don't think I was clear enough a few hours ago. Also not clear: What I wonder is not where the terms originated (other forums apparently), so much as how they spread around in here. Anna and Kris and I have all been TC authors since the very beginning, but all three of us are guilty of sometimes using the new terms too. Why the shift?

Erik Bates | February 8, 2005
[hidden by request]

Kris Weberg | February 8, 2005
"Thread" and "post" are pretty universal at ever BBS/Mssage Board I visit, so I guess I've universally applied the terms.

Properly speaking, TC doesn't use a thread format.

Scott Hardie | February 11, 2005
Exactly. Which is part of why it bugs me. When TC started, it was run on Greymatter, so everything was an "entry." When the site changed to a php forum, I somewhat arbitrarily chose the term "topic." People had such a hard time switching from the GM terminology that I decided to choose a term carefully and stick with it, thus "discussion." Oh well, this is obviously a minor issue that is on nobody else's mind. :-)

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