Matthew Preston | November 1, 2002
At least he's not drunk this time. Click here to watch a very punk looking Ed Vedder smash a television that is corrupting minds across the country.... or some shit like that.

Scott Hardie | November 2, 2002
Eddie's kids are going to love that video or be completely embarrassed by it, depending on their age. :-)

That reminds me of a time maybe ten years ago when Jason spent a Friday night over at my house (we played "Super Metroid" all night if that dates it), then went with my mom to a company picnic the next day. My mom worked with a lot of computer people, of course, and the coworker who was hosting the picnic had a old monitor that had given him much aggravation over the years. So, as one of the activities, he let everybody take a swing at it in the driveway with a sledge hammer. Some of the men gave it a good hit, and some of the women acted dainty about it, holding the hammer upside down between their middle finger and thumb, just tapping it against the monitor to get out of really participating. But Jason and I, being teens who could get away with acts of aggression, smashed that son of bitch as hard as we could, sending glass and plastic everywhere. Man, that was fun! I also remember nailing a home run in a softball game at the same picnic, so it was a real upper-body-strength kind of day, I guess.

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